Sunday, October 11, 2009

Society of Eclectic Halloween Artists Super Prize!!! I Can't Believe How Lucky I Am!

Let me preface this by saying I should say, "Don't be jealous that I was lucky enough to win the SEHA giveaway" but it is probably impossible to NOT be jealous of such a great prize, so let me just bypass the self effacing drivel and show you all of the fabulous goodies that have come my way.

Mail has become the highpoint of the day around here. The kids are as excited as I am to see what new piece of Halloweenish goodness has landed on our doorstep.

Look out for the zombie! He is constantly getting underfoot and into things better left undisturbed. He was a gift from Maya at Static White's Stitchery and is just a hoot and a half. He came in his own body bag, which doubles as a mini tissue holder.

Time for the extreme undead close-up.

Check out Static White's world at

Next up, a Halloween box from Cindy Tevis. This box is of such nice quality! Beautifully heavy in the hand, artfully wrought and skillfully finished.

Guess who was in the lovely red velvet lined box? This charming little jack. Too cute!
You can find Cindy at or

When first I saw this little gem from Cloretta Ann Orr, I thought the gift was the charming box. It is so detailed and sweet, right down to the wee orange rick-rack on the sides. Little did I know that in the box there were even more little charmers....candles. Sweet fall colored candles in the shape of falling leaves. Delightful! These are from the Old Witchey Poo Candle Company. Take a peek at

Isn't this ACEO a delight? The colors are bright, bold and striking in real life. Perfectly Halloweenish. It came from Marceline Hayes, also known as Phoebe43 on eBay. Go to eBay to see what she has for auction.
This delightful ACEO has a special place on my Halloween table as it is just the right size, shape and color to set off a basket of fall leaves.

Before I talk about this next one, I have to tell you about it's packaging . I swear, the packaging was almost as sweet as the prize. I could tell that a lot of care was taken with this one. Very, very professional.

This is a handstamped paper candy container. It has black gems affixed at the corners and lovely ribbon around the base. It was made by Brialee Haworth-Walker at Raven Fae's Creations. You can find more of her work, including some handmade sculpts at or read what is new in her world at

When you open it up, look what is inside. Too sweet!

Speaking of great packaging, here is another example where the artist went above and beyond. The purplish Frankenstein is the packaging. It was finished with a satin ribbon and a tiny pumpkin button. Very, very cute. It was sent by Robert Brawley at Halloween Fanatic Originals. Find links to his work on his blog

Who doesn't love original artwork? Especially
Halloween artwork? My daughter has
dibsies on the pumpkin man in the
party hat.

Please pardon my somewhat lame attempt at "clever" photography with this one. I have wicked dishpan hands right now due to paperclay, wet felting and, well....dishes. I didn't want to scare people by using my man hands as a backdrop for such lovely jewelry. I thought the wine glass would be less distracting, though it makes me want a glass of wine to go with the cool jewelry. These awesome little gems were sent by Dawn Dzielski at House of 1000 Spirits.
See more at

The macrame on the bracelets is so intricate looking! Everyone who has seen these in person has just loved them!

Even the zombie can't keep his hands off of them. (You should see what he has done with the cat!)

This next face is so dear. Isn't he darling? Doesn't he look as though he knows all of the secrets? I adore his party hat and his festoon of green tinsel. Very, very festive!
This moon man is a cherished gift from Debb George at Halloween Jingle Bells Boo!
Look on her blog for links to more of her exciting work:

The colors on this piece from Byrum Art are amazing. So amazing that this post can't do them justice. Please take my word....breathtaking!

Please go take a peek at more delicious eye candy at

This last piece makes me smile! I can't figure out of this was part of the SEHA giveaway or something else, but it was the first to arrive. What it lacks in Halloweenishness, it makes up for in hand crafted charm. My kids already know where it should go in the Spring.

Because of this kind offering, they now know the word for flowers in French and what a bee skep is. Many many thanks to Gary and Pat Sergent!

Keep tabs on their Halloween-y goodness by following them at

Until next time, happy mailbox moments!



  1. You lucky duck. I am not jealous, well, maybe just a bit. But I am thrilled for you and all of your prizes. This is very fun. Thank you for sharing it all!!!

  2. So glad you like your prizes! We had fun making them, and you have a Happy Halloween!

  3. WOW! You won some awsome things!
    You'll be getting mine if you haven't already. I got them in the mail late because... well... I am a airhead!

  4. Lynda,

    I am an airhead, too, so no worries! I will be sure to post a picture and a shout out to you once it arrives. Many thanks!

  5. OK, so I am SUPERJEALOUS!!! And you already had such cool Halloween goodies... now your house must look ridiculously , gorgeously Halloweeny! It's just not fair I don't win anything! Ok, so I didn't enter, but still!
    Tee hee! I'm off to have a look at your links,
    Blessings and magic.

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my loss of my favorite feathered friend...

  7. I'm jealous--lol! Congrats :)

  8. Thanks for posting all the goodies you got from me and my fellow SEHA arteests! It was interesting to see what everyone sent. Have a hauntingly beautiful Halloween :)


  9. Oh Wow you hit the jack pot!!! They are all beautiful!!! Congratulations!!

  10. Yeah those wee Zombies can be right mischievous! Umm, sorry about the cat? And I hope he didn't run off with your bracelets! If he did, check his body bag. That's usually where he stashes things ;)

    I can't believe it took me this long to see your post. Sorry. So glad the little trouble maker's got a good home now though!