Friday, October 16, 2009

He's back...and his secret purpose will be announced soon!

Here he is again! I must say, I like him SOOO much better now that he is not so monochromatic. Flat color drives me biserk-o. In fact, he has really grown on me. Its hard to walk by and not pick him up.
Of course my kids have to put in their two cents. My middle son said I should name him Clyde. My daughter says he now looks like a booger. And most people who see him wonder why I made him in such a weird position. My reply is that I tend to like motion rather than stasis in my work....

Ummmmm. I stand corrected. I guess Clyde the boogerman (bogeyman?) had his own issues.

Bad Clyde!

This one is finally going up for sale tomorrow morning. I am going to try eBay again, though I haven't been particularly successful there in the past. I don't think I tag things well, so I am going to run through some tutorials again before I post her.

If any of my artsy friends in the blogosphere have good eBay tagging tips, I would be extremely grateful to hear them! How would you list this alien gal and her doll?

Many thanks to all! Thanks for popping by!
Until next time, happy sales!


  1. I seem to have this attraction to one eyed monsters lately and yours in no different. I love him.
    Kids make the best critics, don't they?
    But you need to have very strong sense of self too! LOL!!
    Good luck with the listings. I have no help for you, I wish I did, but it is foriegn to me.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. bARTer Sauce would very much like you to trade Clyde -- or a being like him -- to the project. Do IT!

  3. LOL Clyde is wonderful!!!!
    Kids you gotta love em and they come up with good names too!

    I've only been selling on Etsy lately... when ebay changed some of their rules I stopped listing..
    But good-luck because this doll is awesome!
    have a great week-end!

  4. We LOVE and Chaz (my six yr old) he agreed with the Boogerman..LOL!!! I like how he is posed...the Monster Mash song comes to mind when I look at him. "He did the Mash...the Monster Mash" ROFL!!!!!

  5. My friend and I often look for scary dolls online, so you might try something like "creepy doll" in your description. Fantastic work! Jeez, I love the green dude--he's seriously both cute and weird. I feel like if he were in my home, he'd wake up at night and party in my cookie jar.

  6. I think Clyde the boogerman is so cool.
    I think you will have great luck with your little gal and her doll.
    I wished I dared give you advice for listing. But, through the years of selling on e-bay I always felt un-sure how I was listing.
    I would be sure though, to list her in the OOAK doll category. Sorry not much help. But I sure do love your work! :D