Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My First Giveaway! Please Take a Peek!

I was saving my "Clyde Giveaway" for the day when my blog hit 100 followers and then I thought, "Why am I waiting? Why not just do it now?"

If you would like a chance to win Clyde, aka "boogerman" or "bogeyman", you need to do a few small but kind things:

1. Become a follower of my blog, if you like it. Many of you already are, thanks so much! I have come across so many interesting blogs by 'meeting' people who are following me!

2. Leave a comment that says something nice about two people in the world. No, I don't need to know them. No, I don't need them to follow my blog. You can use first names only.

You should tell your "chosen" people what you have said or tell them where to come and read it, since it is so nice to hear good things about oneself, but really I have neither the time nor the ability to verify whether or not you told them. We'll leave it up to karma! It never fails. :)

I just like the idea of having so many positive words/thoughts/feelings in one place. So often we think wonderful things about people, but we don't always take the time to explicitly let them hear it. Words hold so much power.

I will draw the name of the winner on Monday, Oct. 26 in the evening.

Here are my two:

I want to say thanks to Christine for always being a touchstone for me. She has been there through thick and thin, good times and rotten ones and she always remains steadfast and trustworthy.

I want to let Marie (a lovely follower if there ever was one) that I truly appreciate the time she takes to comment on some of my posts. She is just a positive and kind lady out in the blogosphere. Thanks for the feedback, Marie! You have made my day more than once!

Don't forget, if you don't have a blog where I can link back and find you, you will need to leave me a way to get in touch with you or you will need to check back Monday night/Tuesday morning. You may be the winner!

Thanks for popping by! Until next time, happy winning!



  1. That's one of the nicest and most novel ideas!
    I'd like to thank Sue for being a replacement for my big sister who passed on. They are the same age, same personality, and just when I thought I'd lost my cheerleader in life, I stumbled into Sue. She is my big sister in every way.

    I'd like to thank Ginny for liking me just as I am, even when I'm spastic, even when my goofy sense of humor has us laughing until we're peeing ourselves, and most especially for keeping me tethered to reality so I don't float away.

  2. Wonderful good karma! The gift to us is this post. So we are winners anyway. You're Boogerman rules! So do these two wonderful people.

    I need to let Sarah know what a wonderful person she is. She not only shares her life but she has shared her kindness with me on a personal level. I appereciate her and all she does. She is super caring and wonderful. She has not only touched my life but others as well.

    Then there is Rachele. She has been there forever and no matter how busy life is she is there. She is my support system.

  3. Wow what a wonderful idea Theresa!! I love your Boogerman..giggle - wicked cute!!
    Becca I am so touched that you chose me!! Wow!! You make it easy hon and give so much yourself!
    Sherry would be my first..she is such a dear friend and is always there for me and has been my biggest fan. I can count on her to tell me truth when I need it and coat it with honey. I love her artwork and her soul!! She is also an amazing partner in crime!!
    Sonia my ducky girl..long story! She has been such a dear friend and has encouraged me every step of the way. She is an artists and another soul I love!!
    Thank you Theresa

  4. Clyde is awesome! and this is such a Wonderful and thoughtful way to post :)

    My husband (we just celebrated 30 years of life together) has been so very supportive in my new venture in life, my Art. Giving me all the comfort and support to follow my dreams. To Create! Thank you Nathan :)
    Benadette is a truly amazing person. She got me through a really rough time. With her strength, compassion and her guidance. I see the world now through "Rose colored glasses" :)
    Thank you my Friend!

  5. Fun giveaway! First would always be hubby aka Halloween Tinkering, he's my best friend and makes me laugh everyday and second is not a person but my doggie because he is very sweet and a good dog.

  6. Theresa...you have made this such a positive post and it's wonderful reading about all the great friends, supporters and four legged babies ^_^ that have touched each of your readers lives. I have to agree...this post is truly a gift. Thank you. As far as Clyde, he so ROCKS!!!!

    First, I need to thank my youngest son, Chaz. He amazes me each and everyday that one so young can show so much love and understanding.

    The second person is my hubby, Joseph. He accepts me for who I am....all the quirkness never seems to bother him. He tells me that's one of the reason he loves me...he never knows just what to expect...LOL!!! Have to keep him on his toes, now don't I?

  7. OK I'm in... LOL~
    I've followed you for sometimes all tho I seem to have to up date my following from time to time.

    Renee is a friend I've met here in blogland. To me she is an angel on earth. Always kind and compassionate even in her own struggles.

    My son who has always supported my art and thought it should be in galleries... : )

  8. OK, so as I wipe a tear from my cheek from the 6 previous comments, and your own, Theresa, I'd like to thank my little girl, K. It is such a blessing to be able to experience childhood with you. I am in awe of your excitement with life. You discovered tonight that your first tooth is wobbly. I didn't believe you (denial, I think) but you made me feel it and were SO happy when I had to admit that, yes, it was loose. Who knew that a wobbly tooth was such a biggie... it is! You feel like you have arrived! It makes me want to cry.
    And then my little boy, T. You are such a joy as you are learning to talk. I see how proud you are of yourself when you say a new word for the first time and I see how exciting it is for you to finally be able to communicate with us. How you say things is so utterly adorable and I can't help kissing you whenever I get the chance.
    Thank you both for the happiness you bring us.

    And, thanks Theresa for bringing me to these thoughts tonight.
    Blessings and magic.

  9. I want to thank Heather for being such a good friend to me, she has become like a daughter to me!!

    And Sarah because she has become such a special friend, and cheers me up when I am blue!!

  10. Thanks Theresa for the nice comments on my blog and for those wonderful thoughts here in your blog !

    Have a happy autumn day !

  11. You know, your goodness is already coming back to you 10 fold. What a great giveaway post.
    Am I that Marie?
    I will have to pick more than two also, and you are one of those that I am thankful and grateful to have met!!! You are always leaving kind comments for me too!!

    I have met so many wonderful and kind people on this blog network that I could never name or pick one.
    I am truly grateful for everyone of them, my world was so small before and my friends in the blogs have given me so much hope for the world again. I was losing that magic before, now it is back.
    Thank you again for being a special light in my life!
    Love and hugs,
    And put my name in the pot for Clyde the one eyed , I think he is wonderful and would love to give him a home!!
    Congratualtions on the DAG win YAY!!!

  12. COol idea! Iw ill follow your blog

    Adam for being there with a helping hand during these hard times.

    Betty for chosing me to lean on and being ther in return.

  13. Only two? lol

    My boyfriend, he's the sweetest most generous guy a girl could ask for. He's taken care of me and been with me through my hardest times. He's given me a son and been the most wonderful father I could ever imagine. I honestly don't know what I would do without him....and he'll go to the store to get tampons. lol.

    My Grandmother, I never really had a "mom" but she was my mother figure. She taught me so many things, has always been there for me and I know that she would do anything for me or the rest of the family. She can nag (and she knows it) but it's always for the right reasons. when she does it's because I deserve an earful...she loves me and she's one of the few people who's actually let me know that she does and I love her to death. Grandma rocks.


  14. I would like to thank YOU Theresa for being such a fine person.

    And 2 others - I want to say that Joanie K. is the truest and bluest of friends. We have been friends for over 20 years now, owned property together, swapped boyfriends and dates, carpooled, survived our outrageous 20's by some miracle and then grown into independent interesting wonderful women. Joanie has been a creative inspiration, a wonder of talent, and is so smart and has made me smarter for being her friend. Congratulations on the engagement Joanie, and may you live happily ever after. Or, live happily and deal with the other stuff with grace like you always do!

    Second I want to thank Greg M. who has been bending over backwards for me for the past year branding my blog and patiently teaching me the ins and outs of Social Networking and general technical computer 101 type stuff. He is a talented and funny as he was 20 years ago when we went to high school together. His family is adorable and his wife is gorgeous, and also funny and smart. Obviously I have a think for funny and smart people. They are the best! Greg, thank you for your help, patience, wise guidance and wicked sense of humor!

    I now officially feel super duper good vibey! I LOVE it.

  15. This guy is adorable. Too bad I missed the drawing!

  16. Thanks, Zephyr. I am sure I'll do another one sometime soon. :)