Monday, October 19, 2009

eBay is Evil

I can't do eBay. I just can't. When I post there, I become obsessed. Why are there no bids? Who are the "watchers"? I'll just check it one more more more time. What if nobody buys it? What if somebody buys it for way less than it is worth? What if the whole "free shipping" thing bites me in the rear?

In my previous forays into eBay I have always had a decent starting price. This time I started at $9.99 with no shipping. I thought I wanted to just see what would happen.

I swear my stomach is in knots.

Plus there is the other problem with eBay. I have a tendency to buy things when I am there. See the cool new boots I purchased? (I was planning on new ones anyway, since my others are 4 years old, so it really was a no harm done situation, but still!)

The swanky black ones with the comfy heel....can't wait!

The darling brown ones that are a little stretchy.
Well, that's enough of a rant for today. I will fight through this flu, accomplish what needs to be done, and take a nap.

Thanks for popping in!

Until next time, no sellers remorse!



  1. Oh Theresa I feel your ebay pain. You just said how I feel. I've been having more luck on esty. So I stopped listing on ebay but, then I thought well why not try agian. I have had only 1 sale there in the past 3 months but it keeps drawing me back in. I bought some vintage Halloween and Halloween art. Love your boots! And feel better! :) Becca

  2. Funny but so true. I love the boots though, brown pair is darling!
    Get better fast and happy monday.

  3. Theresa....your feelings are why I have always been afeared of trying ebay...LOL...not so much the selling part but the BUYING part!!! I hope you feel better soon...sending healing thoughts your way. Hugs, Regi

  4. Lol... I am the same way! For me it is an emotional rollercoaster, lol I even wake up in the middle of the night checking my listings, is that normal?
    Love the boots by the way ;)
    Hang in there fellow art sista!


  5. I hear you loud and clear!!! My stomach is always in knots when I list something on ebay~ Crazy. I haven't listed anything there for a long time. I've just been doing Etsy~

    I love those Boots!!!

    Take care ~ I'm fight this cold/flu bug myself~

  6. Etsy is the way to go...Ebay is WAY too stressful!

  7. Well you know how to hit the nail on the head...and then the stress of when the bill comes, will I have enough left to pay the ebay bill? LOL! Get rid of that cold!

  8. The terrors of ebay! and you bought 2 pairs of boots? wow, lucky you, my husband has banned me from buying anymore shoes and boots! he just doesn't understand! Hope that flu/cold bug goes away soon :O)

  9. Thanks for the great responses! Yep, I stand at one bidder and my 5 watchers are down to 3. I am going to lose my shirt on this doll! Argh!

  10. So true!! I did ebay for about 3 years with my jewelry before etsy came along. Once I made the switch, I've never looked back!