Sunday, January 16, 2011

Unsure=No Action. Bummer.

I went on a bear kick recently.

This is Barnum. He is completely hand sewn.

He is made of distressed mohair, has cotter pin jointing, has German blown glass eyes, and was an all around fun piece to make.

I took a cigar box and made a little environment for him, too. It has a circus theme.

Here is the rub: I don't know where to post him for sale!

I'd like to try eBay again, but what if he ends up going for $10 or some crazy number like that? A LOT of work went into him.

I could put him in my etsy shop, but then it could take a while for him to sell.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Have you had success on eBay (or a horror story)?

Thanks for coming by!

Until next time, happy handiwork!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Shame!

She officially turned her back on me today. I think she is deplored at my lack of new creations.
I told her that I was reorganizing my studio space to make it more efficient.

I'm not sure that she believes me. Her face says, "No".

Oh well! It should all be finished and tidy by tomorrow. THEN I'll show her a thing or two about creating!

Until next time, happy freedom from cat judgement.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! (A day late, of course.)

Here's hoping that we can all keep our resolutions and learn to enjoy the process and not just the product of our experiences.

(Sorry for the late wishes. I was out of town and sans computer. This had the interesting result of making me be a bit more introspective when thinking of the new year ahead. Not bad!)

Until next time, happy resolutions!