Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last Batch of SEHA Prizes...ACEO's!

Those "Society of Ecelectic Halloween Artists" folk sure are generous! Here are the final prizes that I received in their last giveaway.

I love this ACEO called "Pumpkin Magic" by Vena Cava. You can find her on ebay under pinkshudders .

The following three are from Lynda S. Mihaly at Haunted Swamp Designs. She can be found on etsy, eBay and at

This one is Haunged House on the Hill.

Next is "Witch Tree Capture the Moon"

Finally, we have "Waiting".

SEHA is getting ready for a new giveaway, so stop over and take your chances! You have the opportunity to win some really cool items!

Check them out at

Until next time, happy winning!


  1. Wow! Amazing give-aways! I'll have to fly over there! :)