Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween at my Home, Another Sweet Award, and Coming Soon....SEHA goodies!

Inquiring minds have asked, so I thought I would take the time and post a few pix of some of my Halloween decorations. We don't do too much outside because we are normally not home on Halloween and I think kids are disappointed when there is a really cool house and no candy, but we do a fair bit on the inside. Here are a few small examples:

You remember my WIP, Scary Snowman. As you can see, he is still a WIP. I have been so busy that all he can do is sit and smile and wait for me to get back to work on him.

This is our front door, festooned with spiders and a light up web. We take it down and put it up as needed.

The night light, so the kiddies can find their way to the bathroom at night. It is pretty bright, too, so they can also see what they are doing. Saves mommy LOTS of clean up.

Here is our SPPOOOKY wall sconce. Well, not spooky, but it does have orange and black for the holidays and it casts some cool shadows.

Here are a few items on the table my darling husband put together for me. I love paper mache! Also, please note the wicked cool zombie to the right of the candle. I won him from Static White Stitchery and he is awesome!!!! I'll post a bigger picture of him next week, but you can see more at her site. Find her work at

On that note, I was a big prize winner in a SEHA giveaway. SEHA stands for the Society of Eclectic Halloween Artists and all of the artists represented there are just wonderful. I have been recieving gorgeous items in the mail all week long. This weekend I am going to take some good pictures of everything for a special SEHA post that will be up and ready for perusal early next week. Look for it! And while you wait, be sure to check them all out at

And now to my award. Many thanks to Marzel (the magnificent, in my opinion), who is such a wonderful and giving person. Truly, truly amazing. Check her out at

The rules are: Answer the questions with only one word, award six people the award and notify them that they won... It is that easy!!

What wonderful Award!
1 Where is your cell phone? Purse
2 Your hair? Bottled
3 Your mother? Funny
4 Your father? Smart
5 Your Favorite food? Pizza
6 Your dream last night? Peaceful
7 Your favorite drink? Gin
8 Your dream/goal? Showcase
9 What room are you in? Bedroom
10 Your hobby? Blogging
11 Your fear? Loss
12 Where do you want to be in six years? Happyplace
13 Where were you last night? Bunco
14 Something that you aren't? Wealthy
15 Muffins? Sure
16 Wish list item? STUDIO
7 Where did you grow up? SoCal
8 Last thing you did? Coffee
19 What are you wearing? Aliens
20 Your Tv? Off
21 Your pets? Ancient
22 Friends? Yep
23 Your life? Scrumptious
24 Your mood? Duckandcover
25 Missing someone? Always
26 Vehical? Feet
27 Something your not wearing? Shoes
28 Your favorite store? MariPat's
29 Your favorite color? Sage
30 When was the last time you laughed? Today
31 Last time you cried? Past
32 Your best friend? Foreverness
33 One place that I go over and over? Brain
34 One personwho Emails you regularly? MaryEllen
35 Favorite place to eat? Christies

Over the Top Awards go to

Until next time, happy Halloween prep!


  1. So disgustingly jealous of your SEHA gifts!!

  2. thank you thank you thank you!!! that was very nice of you!

  3. Aww I see the little zombie is fitting in nicely & has good company :D

  4. I love you're Halloween fixings! You lucky ducky getting that prize!
    Happy Halloween and I can't wait to see scary Santa finished!

  5. I'd be nervous to come trick or treating at your house... I'm a ninny! You really have GREAT Halloween stuff!
    Cant wait to see all your goodies.
    Blessings and magic.

  6. Oh my! I'm SO jealous of your Halloween goodies! And your prize! *swoon*

  7. The prize is probably the best that I have ever won. Just lovely, lovely stuff and great people behind it all. Perfection!

  8. I love the spider web. And the night light.
    I was just coming over to tell you about the award! LOL!
    I bet you are loving the SEHA prizes, how wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing everything. You are going to share right???
    Word verification "shines" isn't that great??

  9. Oh my theresa! i am sending a huge big apology to you!! i missed completely the award that you had given my faerietale blog. i can only put it down to my giddy head & being quite out of it fo a couple of weeks due to nasty little bu. But i want to give you ahuge thank you for the award, what a lovely suprise. Please dont be offended if we dont pass it on, i am now sooo overdue so many things 7 have tons ofc catching up to do. thank you again though. Am off to peruse your blog & fab creations x ruthie x