Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fingernails and Part of a Toothpick

Yep! That's all I used to flesh these two WIPs out! I was sitting in the dentist's office waiting for my daughter to be done getting her first (and hopefully last) filling. I hadn't really planned on working, so all I had was a little clay, a broken toothpick, and some small wired glass eyes.

This one may end up as a little troll once I get a chance to really refine him. Not too bad for working in horrible light, on my lap, and with my roughed up man-paws.

What are man-paws, you might ask?

Well, man-paws are what you get when you a) don't own a dishwasher and b) work with clay.

The dishes are self-explanatory. Hungry kids=messy dishes three times a day (at least). I am sort of a freak about germs and stuck on food, too, so the water I use is at such a temperature that it would probably remove skin from most normal people's hands.

I, on the other hand, have man-paws. Rough, thick-skinned, abnormally tough hands. Hands that are impervious to pain, heat, and have a texture akin to shoe leather.

Why no gloves, one might ask? Because if I wore gloves I wouldn't be able to feel any microscopic bits that might possibly still be left on the plates.

(I know, I know. FREAK!)

I keep waiting for my husband to give me a new little nickname. Like Frank or Chuck. It must be like holding hands with a mechanic. (Ignore this crooked photo, please. Or tilt your head until it appears correctly rotated. It kept getting wonky during my uploads and I am lacking patience today. *eye roll*)

Working with clay has become a hand issue, too, because I am constantly washing my hands or using alcohol wipes to get rid of residue. Not the most gentle thing to do to one's hands. (Don't even get me STARTED about wet-felting! Oy! So chafe-y!)

Its sort of a catch 22. It is easier to work with clay when one has nice smooth hands, but in working with the clay I find myself washing and degreasing and get the picture. Very drying and not conducive to soft, lovely hand model-ish hands.

At least I have nicer hands than THIS guy.

This little thing may end up a root baby. We'll see if I still like it once I give it some eyes. If not, back into a little green blob of clay he goes.

Thanks for popping by! Until next time, happy moisturizing!



  1. Lacking tools in no way seems to hamper your creativity and talent! The tiny troll has such a wealth of character in his tiny little self. Thank you for providing a wonderfully wistful walk thru your blog.

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  2. Oh my gosh! Do a series of trolls! I'm absolutely addicted to them and, you know, there's actually very little troll art out there. What's wrong with people??? Hee hee

  3. LMFAO Theresa.....I have bad hands too...ManHands....I have thyroid disease and my hands rough and ichy all the time.....I love the projects...and laughed because Im ocd about alot of stuff clean wise...

    Smiles from one manHand to another.

  4. you did an outstanding are GOOOOD girl. I totally understand about the man hands...mine get so dry from washing washing washing...seems all we do when we play with the clay. I don't use alcohol pads...dries me out wayyyyy to bad. I use baby wipes...a bit gentler. I can't wait to see the troll when finished. Hugs.

  5. The troll is cute, but I love the root baby!! Aaawww look at that sweet smile :)

  6. Theresa-you are very talented! I love all the "people" you create! I wish I had a unique talent... I can sew, but that's about it!

    I get dry hand too-and it can hurt ! Not sure if you tried this before-it works a little-but sometimes I will load my hands with vaseline or lotion and then wear cotton gloves (from CVS, Rite-AId) to bed.

    Good luck-hope all is well with you and your family! PS do you remember taking the bus home from volleyball Freshman year?

  7. LOL You are too funny Theresa!
    Man hands... as I get older I feel like I have man hands also. My hands are so dry (but not because I do dishes all the time *wink*)
    I use alcohol wipes a lot when I sculpt too.

    I love your little wips they are wonderful and will look forward to seeing what they turn out to be!

  8. Karen...I think that was the last time I took a bus other than for a field trip with the kids. Why does high school seem so long ago? (And why do college students look like they are twelve? Oh yeah! Its cuz I am getting OLD!)
    XOXO to Pattee, Emme, Sharon, Sonia, Regina, Lirael (GORGEOUS name, btw)and, of course, Karen.

  9. LOL I thought the same thing you did Phylis Dillard and Elizabeth Taylor... mostly because of the violet eyes and her look ~

  10. Theresa,
    First of all, I love your little Troll.

    and second, LOL !!!!! I have man paws too...
    I mainly work with apoxie sculpt clay and I have to use a scrub brush to wash it off. I also am a cake decorator by day and have my hands constantly in burning hot water. very bad for man paws. I use corn huskers lotion. I prefer to think it helps a little??


  11. Ohhh he is so cute! You're a very talented artist!

  12. Your creatures are so cute!

  13. I received Clyde in the mail--he's amazing! I just adore him. He sits near my computer and prods me on to finish my horror novel. You sure have found your artistic niche. Awesome work!

  14. Thanks! I am glad he arrived quickly and in one piece! Keep up the great writing. You are certainly gifted!

  15. Thats talent for you! a tooth pick! LOL - Trolls and root babies - how terrific! :O)

  16. I love the "man-hands" name. So funny and so true for those of us with kids and clay. Love your blog...