Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Man, Was I Bored Last NIght

That's about the only excuse I can come up with for this..ahem....creature. I was playing around with Sculpey for the first time and this is what came out to play.

In the past I have used Premo and Cernit, but not the regular ol' Sculpey. TOTALLY different. I can't believe the difference in texture. Sculpey is far softer, as is evidenced by all of the fingerprints that will never, never ever be sanded off.

Yes, Virginia, I am THAT lazy.

This is an "as is" sort of guy. I think the minor flaws add to his joyful countenance. No one will ever hate him because of his beauty, that's for sure!

Any polymer clay gals (or guys) out there....any advice on how to best rid a Sculpey piece of surface flaws prior to the toaster oven treatment?

Many thanks for popping by!

Until next time, happy new technique learning!



  1. Great Creature! I've never used sculpey although I've been told to give it a whirl. :)

  2. You should! It is really fun and one gets the "instant gratification" thing-y. I love paper clay and mache, but there is all that drying time with which to contend.

  3. I have not tried it yet but I've read that acetone can help. This is what I found: You can use waterless hand sanitizer, or Acetone (main ingredient in nail polish remover) to clear up fingerprints before baking. Do this only as a last resort because you cannot reshape the clay after doing this.
    Hope that helps!
    P.S. He's kind of cute :)

  4. Acetone! I'll have to give that a shot next time. :) Thanks!

  5. You really don't need an excuse for having made this guy! He is soooooo cute!!
    I've used Fimo a couple of times, but never Sculpey. Is there a big difference?

  6. I like where you're going with this!

  7. HA! He's cute! I like his quirky, bumpy green little body.