Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Holiday Kitsch

Bits and bobs of vintage whimsy. Yep, I've got quite a bit of it! Luckily, my husband has a high tolerance for kitsch.
Here are my little gnome-type guys. I love them. I think they were sold as a set when in their heyday.

This is one of the "babies" in a set that I purchased from a lovely man on eBay. He took the time to share the story behind them. His family had them in the 1940's when we were in the thick of WWII. Because they were from Japan, they weren't "supposed" to have them out on the tree.

Here is the "mama" from the set with another one of the babies. It's hard to see in the picture, but the baby has hair made from a feather. Too cute!

For my SoCal friends, this item came directly from Santa's Village, aka the Mecca of Christmas Kitsch. My parents purchased it prior to my birth. I always place it front and center on the main tree, though the rest of the ornaments are all glass and glitter. I love my cheesy piece of glittery Styrofoam THAT much!

This last one was found and purchased by my good man. He knew how I was fond of "old" Christmas items and this girl had a weird little expression on her face. Right up my alley.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my things! Until next time, happy merry making!



  1. It's a cool display ~
    Your lucky your husband likes all the "stuff" mine says "Do you really want all that stuff upstairs?"
    Pattee: )

  2. ooo i'm soooo jealous!! you have great stuff!!! i can't wait to get my stuff out!!!

  3. WOW! what wonderful decorations. I too am jealous. Thank you also for the lovely comment you added to my 'additions' post! we appreciate it :O)

  4. Hallo ! I love you Kitschmas stuff and to look at them in your blog, but I don`t know if I would decorate my whole home

    Have a nice day !