Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Kitschmas!

First things first.... This is the DARLING elf that I received in the Elf Swap this year. This little gem was created by Vivian. She is an artiste extraordinaire and you can pop by her blog at

In fact, she is doing a little giveaway for her followers, so there is even MORE incentive to stop by. This time it is a dear little snowperson.

The elf I received is just wonderful. Full of fun little details that make the overall impact of the piece quite impressive.

We just love him and he has found a place of honor on "my" table.
(All of the kitschy and eclectic stuff belongs to me. My hubby is more traditional.)

Moving right along...

This is a unique piece of kitsch that I wanted to share.

My grandmother used to put this on her piano every year at Christmastime.

If you tip it upside down, hundreds of little Styrofoam snowballs go up into the top.

Then, when you wind it up, it turns, plays music and SNOWS!

Yes, I know that some of you will look at it and see a bit 'o' imported plastic junk wrapped in faded velveteen, but to me it embodies the feeling of a childhood Christmas.

It is linked to the times when my grandfather would put on the Santa hat and we would all sit together enjoying the holidays.

It pulls me back to when little things were full of fascination and magic happened all of the time.

These are the characters up close and personal.

Crude, yes, but indicative of the time period in which they were created. I love them, flaws and all.

I'll post more of my Kitschmas items tomorrow.

Lord knows I have enough of them!
Until next time, Merry Kitschmas!



  1. Me too,Me too! It reminds me of my childhood Christmas! Merry Kitschmas ;)

    Your little swap elf is wonderful too!

    Thank you for your prayers for Rylee:)


  2. Oh I love all your Christmas Kitsch and what sweet childhood memories! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I always tell my son to take note of the style of everything when he's growing up. When I put in a movie, I can tell you within a year or two when it was made by the fonts used for it, the music, and the lapels on the clothing. It's those little things that were so hip then that now make nostalgia. Just put on "Sixteen Candles" some time and get sentimental about Molly's wardrobe. I love that little snowglobe thing. It's captured a period of time and a style that's gone now. Even if we imitate it, we'll never get the same feel.

  4. JUNK heck no I love vintage ornaments!!!!