Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Solstice to All!

I love winter, don't you?

That time of dormancy that allows for quiet growth that won't be seen until the big debut in springtime.
I know many people don't enjoy the shorter days of winter.

To me, there is an air of expectation about this time of year. It holds it's own stark beauty.

The shorter days and cooler weather always inspire me to work in wool.

That wonderful texture and subtle warmth just lends itself to winter work.

Have a wonderful winter. I should have pictures of new work by Wednesday!

Until next time, happy shortest day of the year!



  1. True, true ! Wonderful pictures and yes, it is a wonderful time to work with wool !

  2. Happy Shortest Day of the Year, Theresa!!!
    Many Hugs,

  3. Happy shortest day of the year! Well... I'm a day late :(

    I love the PICS!


  4. Happy Shortest Day of the year to you (a day late as well). I was knitting with the wool yesterday. Have hats to finish. Have a Very Merry Christmas!

  5. I am all for colder days, snow days and creative days...I seem to be my most creative in the winter, sew to also the shortest day, I may not have completedd enough this day..but it was my
    blessings theresa for all the days we shared.
    madame samm

  6. I like winter too. Needles, wool, roaring fire and chocolate is a wonderful combination!
    Seasons Greetings x

  7. i so agree with you, i love this time of year, for me it is a kind of retreating as the nights darken early, a time for contemplation 7 slowing down wishing you a wonderful christmas and a happy new year too x