Monday, December 14, 2009

Another difference between boys and girls...

...can be seen in how they approach their holiday cookie decorating.

Girl cookie- Carefully applied icing. Tidy, detailed decorating.

Ditto this girl cookie.

Boy cookie- Note the evil green fog below the mouth. The bulging eyes are nicely highlighted with the dragees. The fang-like teeth part every so gently to make room for the exceedingly long tongue.
Yes, one arm was intentionally amputated, but the other is beautifully manicured, so it all balances out. Beating in the open chest cavity, one sees a single silver dragee heart. That's what makes it Christmas-y.

And we don't even have CABLE! Yikes! That means it all comes directly from his own little brain!

(Disclaimer: Yes, I know that there are boys who are tidy and make cute cookies and there are girls who would make scary ones. I just thought this was funny.)

Until next time, happy decorating (for the girls AND the boys).



  1. LOL! I have 3 boys and this rings SO true! No TV here when they were young and the gingerbread men always had fangs and gore.

  2. Me too I have 3! They like to put sharp teeth on everything. My 5 year old made a Christmas tree at school was it happy not so much. :)

  3. My gift to blogs I follow this holiday season is to let them know what I love about their blogs.

    Your blog is just one of my favorite of the artist's sites. I feel really cozy, comfy, and I know you're going to be working on something that will make me say "how does she do it?" Please keep making your art and please keep blogging. You're a wonderful escape!

  4. Aren't boys fun? I always thought there wouldn't be too much difference between boys and girls. I was SO wrong!

    Autumnforest- How sweet of you to say! I must share, too... I always love to see what you are doing as well. Your site takes me to places that I wouldn't normally get to see in my "regular" life. Always curious.....sometimes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Gotta love it! I have turned a few friends on to your site as well. :)

  5. Haha, so cute!
    We made gingerbread houses 2 years ago with friends. We each made our own house...and being the horror fan I am, mine came out looking like a haunted house. :)

  6. This is so true!! My boys make warrior cookies and of course those taste better to the boys. And the girls think their dressed up gingerbread ladies are dolls and don't want to eat them, so they secretly eat the boy cookies. The joys of Christmas!

  7. LOL.... How cute! It is so true about girls and boys and cookie decorating. I am still chuckling :)
    Hey, You have some fabulous young artists , I love the perfect little sweet cookies and the graphic spooky cookies.


  8. oo i know what you mean! my little guy is just crazy for all things guns, gore and grunge!! that cookie actually looks like a simpson's creation....bart is my son's hero