Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Was My Muse Thinking?

This is what I mean about the flighty, easily distracted muse. I have doll heads. Many doll heads, in fact.

Having doll heads isn't a bad thing, in and of itself. A little wacky, perhaps, but not bad by any means. But one can't help but wonder what purpose they serve. They are, after all, just heads.

Shall I place them in a box in the garage to be found at a much later date? Do I leave them in strategic places to freak people out?

Not one of these has a body idea to go with it. Not one. I am beginning to realize that I have serious issues with over-thinking things.

Even when I manage to generate good and well fleshed out ideas, it takes me forever to finish things because I am afraid to overwork things. (I have had the "just get it done" fever backfire on me many, MANY times.)

I thought this guy was done. Ugh! I can't stand it. I am going to have to drill out a nose hole and put in a turnip or radish nose. His face is too flat. I need to carve out the mouth area and really get rid of those blackened teeth. I can't stand the shiny finish either, so it is time to break out the steel wool. Once he is dressed with a hat, I think he will be OK. Or maybe he should just visit the circular file. We'll see how frustrated I get.

This was a last minute "Oh, I have some clay left and some wire. Let's just throw something on and see what happens."

It may end up well. Or not.

Pretty quirky, but it leaves a lot of different opportunities to 'finish' it.

Here is leftover clay guy #2. He looks a bit like a pupa, I think. He has holes in his head for the insertion of horns. With a bit of paint, he may be cool. Or maybe not.

My goal for next year is to finish projects in a more timely manner. Baba Yaga's house is coming along, but I am so afraid that it will become overworked that I am working in slow motion.
What you do think? Any comments or advice would be welcomed!
Until next time, finish, finish, finish!


  1. Your so funny and I understand you so well... over thinking!!!
    Nose? No Nose!
    Hair? No hair!
    Body? No body..... and on and on and on it goes....
    I love that little pumpkin guy the way he is!

    Heads? Can't have enough of them can't have enough of them~

    ARGH... sometimes I have to run away from myself LOL!

    I finally have my DAG giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check her out... and thanks that is me without coffee... oh yea and a beard and comb over...

  2. I love "just heads". Your heads can stand on their on. Maybe you could just figure out a base to present them on. I am about to do just another series of heads. To me the agony comes from having bodies without heads. . . . .

  3. Dear Theresa...I too, am a finish fanatic. It is not an uncommon thing for me to marathon to the finish and be so exhausted at the end that I missed finding the *joy* in the process of creating something from my heart. Finally...FINALLY...I am learning to enjoy the journey. Then, the end result can be a nice surprise. And my reward. Right now, there are six heads awaiting me in my studio. They are clean little canvases that I want to enjoy messing with. Every stroke to the clay, every brushstroke of paint and movement of their characters into the clay. Every nuance. Allow yourself to really enjoy your art along the way of your marvelous creating process, my friend,...much love, Rose
    p.s. I love every one of your little heads!!

  4. oh please finish, finish, finish these! they are just wonderful. but i so understand what you mean, i do exactly the same, i overthink ALL the time. sat here at my studio desk i am surrounded buy unfinished pieces of work..... and i find it so discouraging! its never quite good enough. but im trying to get over it! so if you find a way could u, would u pleeese share it x x x

  5. Hi, We must have been sisters in another world! I have heads,body parts you name it, hiding in the most peculiar places around my house. I start and fail to finish most of my work, then it gets stashed and later when it is found I have a whole new inspiration for the piece. Weird how I work. Loved your post and all those heads.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment:)


  6. I like the leftover white guys -- lots of potential but cool just as they are too. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'll be checking back to see yours again. -- Margaret