Sunday, August 2, 2009

Look What I've Won!

It's Wee Crabbie from Denise at Odd Imagination!

Denise was having a "name this creature" contest and she liked the name I submitted.
I was SOOO excited when he arrived in the mail. My kids, who all knew he was on his way, gathered around when we opened his box. He now occupies a special place on my computer table. I get to look as his sweet little face as I go about my daily routine.

He now sits next to these neighbors:

As you can see, the wooden girls look lovely, but they can be a little mean. In their defense, however, the monster is a bit of a baby and has a hair-trigger when it comes to crying. He sobbed for days when he thought that Wee Crabbie was more popular than he. It can be taxing, really.

And, of course, here is Darth Maul, who is channeling his inner fairy. He sabered Wee Crabbie, but W.C. is secure in his manliness and just let the whole thing blow over.

Until next time, remember to be thankful! And remember to check out Denise's work at


  1. That is so funny... I love that monster... and wee crabby... I tried to win him, glad he went to a very special home.

  2. Thank you for sharing Wee Crabbie! I love his new neighbors and your post is so funny! You made my day - really!

  3. I almost jumped when I clicked on this post lol. Okay, I jumped, Wee Crabby is very expressive. Congrats on your win, it's a very cool prise.