Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Have Pink

Nils the gnome has chastised me yet again.

He feels I am guilty of being a monochromatic show-off in my color choices within the garden out back.

There is no logical explanation as to WHY there is so much pink here. Pink is not one of my favorite colors. In fact, much of what I choose to surround myself with would fall under the "earthy" tones umbrella;
browns, tans, greens, rusts and oranges.

But you'll see pink in my blossoms. You can find it in the foliage.

It is here, in the plant that I always neglect that keeps on blooming all the more for it.

Yet again in front of the far back wall, where I have little time to attend to my leafy friends.

This is a fragile, needy pinky pink.
"Don't let me get too much sun. Don't let me stay too wet."
The grand surprise is that she is not yet dead. High maintenance and I don't get along well.

Even my succulents prefer this posy hue. Who knew?

Here is an up close pink, though the center, decidedly NOT pink, is the true star of this show.

And my fuchsia, which continually tries to commit suicide, is pink.
(Secretly I wanted a fuchsia fuchsia, but hey-it's still alive! Sort of.)

A hummingbird's eye view of the struggling fuchsia. Very different from here, no?

To those interested in my artistic ventures, let it be known that, in addition to all of my WIPs which all get a little love every day, I just shaved the head of a Bratz doll (shudder!) and am prepping her for a Halloween makeover. (Though truly, Bratz dolls are already pretty darned scary, don't you think?)

Think inset glass eyes, a face reshape and mohair wig.

Until next time, happy living!



  1. Theresa,
    Well I have to tell you, I LOVE ALL THAT PINK!
    You have a gorgeous collection of "pink" flowers!
    Cant wait to see what that little BRAT looks like with her new and improved Halloween re-do!

    Have a great week:)