Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Stuff in My Space-Warning: May Cause Dizziness

For those of you who are curious by nature, here is a glimpse into the chaos that is my creative space. Sometimes it is tidier, sometimes it is messier, but this is usually how it looks.

Contrary to popular belief (around here, anyway), I can find things relatively quickly and easily. My "organization" makes sense to me. And apparently ONLY to me.

Please note that I am treating you as family by NOT tidying it up before shooting the pictures. No artifice here, thank you very much!

This poor, flightless bird has been waiting to be photographed and sold for ages now. He needs a little hair-do and some proper lighting and then off he will go.

I know this girl is supposed to be a vase of some kind, but I think she does a great job holding onto my pens, scissors, crochet hook, etc. Everyone should have a purpose, don't you think?
This is Ming. She watches me use the computer. In this picture, she is just standing around, but she also likes to ride on my mushroom crows.

Isn't he funny? Peeking out of an old Bunnykins mug? I love him and the graphics on the mug, too.

Doesn't everyone use the skeleton of a foot as a picture display? No? Hmm. Perhaps I have shown too much.

Directly after this photo was taken, the girls each received a lovely set of chenille arms and will soon be going to a new home.
Don't they seem glad to be moving? Perhaps their next home will be a bit less cluttered.

This just makes me happy.


This is someone else's work. I fell in love with it and out it comes every Fourth of July.

Buddha is always in a good mood. He helps me with attitude adjustments as needed. He also sits on my vintage trading stamp holder.

That's about it for the virtual tour of my space. I left some things out. A gal has to maintain SOME mystery.

Until next time, happy spaces!


  1. Haha! What an awesome space!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your creative space looks great - better organized than mine!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your work space shows great personality!

  4. The skeleton foot picture holder cracks me up!