Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sneak Peek-More WIPs

Here they are, as promised, Maude and Jet, who will soon be on their way to England. (Sorry for the marginal picture quality...I got tired of waiting for "good light" and just had to get things rolling.)

Jet is not attached, so he can be moved around

Maude has an internal armature and can be gently posed.

Moving on....

No, this isn't supposed to be cute. Good thing, huh? This is the head for my latest Halloween piece. He has a bizarre little body wet felted body and paperclay legs. I'll post again when he has it all together.

Until next time, happy creating!



  1. But he IS sweet! LOL - love the maude and Jet!

  2. Marge and Jet are a lovely pair - love the photo with Jet on Marge's head - naughty silly kitty!

  3. Hei ! Maud and Jay are wonderful, Theresa ! They remind me of figurs from an old Christmas card. Lovely !

  4. i love these, they are excellent!

  5. Thanks everyone.
    Maude and Jet are off to serve a higher purpose. I hope they sell! Now I just need to finish up the Halloween guy and my various other WIPs. (The youngest child starts school next week. I am hoping that will be the boost I need.)

  6. Theresa,
    Maude is precious, so is Jet!!!! Ahhh but he is cute!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!

  7. Thank you about your comment on Tweedle

    I love your felted dolls.... I feel bad because I look at your blog a lot and I'm not sure I ever made a comment.....

    But I do I love your dolls...
    and I know needle felting can be painful!

  8. Maude and Jet are just TOO CUTE!!!!