Monday, August 10, 2009

When Should I Start to Worry About This?

The following vignette occurred at my house this morning. I need some outside opinions to tell me whether I should be worried or not.

Here we go...


Are you SURE?

Daughter: (gesturing to doll on the table) "Hey, Mom! What's that thing?"

Mom: "One of your old Bratz dolls."

Daughter: "Huh. *shrug* Okay."

Daughter walks away without so much as a FLINCH!

Didn't even BLINK AN EYE at the fact that I had turned one of her old dolls into an alien.

Shall I be happy that she understands that Bratz dolls are a symptom of the general ills of society as a whole or be worried that she thinks it is normal for her mother to make, um, aliens and such?

Any thoughts?

This redo isn't quite finished. She needs all of the bells and whistles and evil alien stuff. And to have a gown not made of cheap paper towels. I'll post her when she is done and ready for sale.

Until next time, happy restructuring!



  1. heehee! Sounds like your daughter is a good kid :) Mine know to hide their valuables when Mommy gets into one of "those" arty moods. Any toy not put away is fair game!

  2. Tee-hee!

    Clarification: She was getting rid of the doll a while ago and I fished it out of the donation bin. Bad mommy!

  3. I think recycling is a wonderful thing...correct answer? Giggle!!! So glad you found me so I can look at all of your wonderful creations!!! I'll be back!

  4. Me too think recycling is a wonderful thing, especially Bratz dolls :) hehe

    I think you shall not be worried. She act just like people who goes to art exhibitions :))

  5. Brats dolls are freaks! I am so glad my daughters don't care about them. I looove the new art you are making from her though! What a wonderful idea! I can't wait to see it finished!!!

  6. I have to ask this, how did you redo the doll? Is it clay? What kind?

    I am totally fascinated!

  7. mrsb-
    I just scuffed up the surface and then used paperclay. I inset some violet colored eyes and just flowed with the rest. I will probably paint the body without adding clay there, but I may "improve" the hands and definitely need to add some sort of interesting foot/feet. Then the rest is just paint, finish work and costuming.
    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  8. That's cool! Most kids I know don't want a toy anymore until someone else takes it...your's seems cool with it.

  9. Seems like your kid knows you well by now hehehehe

  10. kudos to you for turning the bratz doll into an alien.. they kind of freak me out (especially the baby ones). :)

  11. Ha! I love that you took one of her dolls to make over. Funny.

  12. What could you possibly make that would be grosser or more inhuman than a Bratz doll? Those things are nightmarish. She probably finds your makeover comforting.:P

  13. Great idea, I am such a pack rat that I have actually started collecting the old glade bottles to sculpt over. They work great by the way! Susan
    come over and visit some time I have a giveaway going!

  14. You always make me laugh, really laugh! I love coming here. I'm going to link you on my blog so that I remember to come more often. I'd say 'yes' for both questions re the Bratz and alien! LOL.
    Fancy seeing you the other day... so nice to put a face to your words. I hope we see you there again soon... we go every week but don't think we'll make it this week as my Mom arrives, "Yipppeeee', on Wed.
    Blessings and magic.

  15. I figured our paths were bound to cross one day, either at the Nature Center or a park or some such. We live in the "biggest small town" ever.
    It was ovely to meet you in person!

  16. I had to laugh at your post here..I so get what you said..LOL..My kids have grown up watching my "weirdness-s" (is that a word?)with art, they they think it's just normal :)..
    When they'd bring their friends out to my workroom and the kids would look around, they'd say "My Mom's weird"..LOL..Now that they are grown, they apreciate that about me :)
    By the way...Your work is awesome!!!