Friday, July 17, 2009

Polymer Chicken Legs for Baba Yaga's House

The first thing I have to say about this is....yeah, I know it is very weird for a grown woman to be making fake chicken legs. I never claimed to be normal.

The second thing is that I realize that these don't look like actual chicken gams. Sure, they have some chickenesque qualities, but they are very stylized. I do have a set that seems more realistic, but I like the creepy factor better on these. We'll see which set ends up working out better on the finished product.

These are fresh from the toaster oven, no additional color added yet. I used ecru and gold.

These show a light blush of ruddy acrylic paint, just dry brushed to add depth.

Very poised, for disembodied feet!

Not the best shot, but here they are with a little grime added for more depth. I liked them better before the dark wash, but I know that clean chicken feet wouldn't make sense with the application. These feet carry Baba Yaga's house through the woods.

Barefoot, wood-traipsing chicken feet would definitely be a bit dirty.

That's it for now! I hope to flesh out the house and get the legs on by the end of the weekend, but that depends upon a lot of factors, most of them family based.
I hope you check back soon!
Until next time, happy chicken dancing!


  1. Your stuff is really cool. Love the chicken legs...nice work!

  2. Creeeeeepyyyyy! You will enjoy this... my mom and brother went to China a couple of years ago. My husband received a package in the mail, all the way from china. He was so excited to have been the only one in the family to get a present from his Mom and brother-in-law. Alas, when he opened it, a packed of dried chicken legs fell out of the envelope... My poor man, he is the dry wretching type and spent the next hour dry wretching whenever he thought of it... that's the kind of jokey my family plays! I, of course, found this unbelievably funny and am still laughing out loud thinking of it!
    Thanks for the funny memory.
    Blessings and magic.

  3. Mwahhhh hhaaaaaaa! That is SO funny, Magic Onions! In our family, we pass around a petrified piece of chipped beef. It will "go away" for a few years and all of a sudden appear at Christmas or on someone's birthday.

  4. lol, love those chicken legs - cant wait to see the finished piece.