Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chicken Legs a la Baba Yaga

by Viktor Vasnetsov

Little known fact: When a person Googles "chicken legs", one usually finds recipes. I was looking for pix of live chickens in order to make the legs for Baba Yaga's house.

I know, I know, I said the next pix posted would be of Baba's clothes. You have to understand how my brain works. It is a "fits and starts" type process. Most of my work muddles around in the grey matter for quite a long while before I actually act upon the results of the thinking.

Sometimes things get short circuited. Sometimes items go to the back of the line. Sometimes I fall asleep...that is more of a personal problem, though and hardly worth mentioning here.

In the case of Baba's clothes, they will be pretty easy to do, so they marched ALL the way to the back of the line. Her house, however, has had the creative juices doing the Samba. With it so much in the forefront of my mind, I had to go there first.

I made two sets of legs. Still not sure if I am totally enamored with either pair, but we shall see. It is always nice to have a spare when trying something new. If I goof up, I won't be totally at square one again.

I plan to stain and give a little happy chicken blushy glow to the tootsies tomorrow afternoon and then I'll post the preliminary pix.

Thanks for popping in! Until next time, happy mind wanderings and perusals!


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