Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camping Break


I took a little break from making Baba Yaga's house(*gasp*) to enjoy my sweet boys. We decided to camp out in the backyard last night. It was so fun! We didn't' do much; just read a few stories and then lights out, but it was a nice change of pace.

Plus, since we were sleeping outside, it was nice and cool!

D accidentally 'stole' T's bedding at some point. Then, once I got T back in order, I woke to find that MY bedding had been borrowed! That D! I also got to enjoy his feet in my stomach. He is a heavy sleeper, that one! C opted to stay inside where she had her bed, books, and space.

Here is the fruit salad we left out for the possum, though he didn't show up. I told the boys that I think all of the local night animals were probably a bit put off by the presence of our small blue tent and our non-animal snores.

As for Baba? I made the body of her hut with a great hand dyed wool fabric, some heavy duty sizing, wire and thread. I will mount it on a base and then felt the tops of the chicken legs and attach them to the hut. The roof will be a surprise, so I can't tell you about that until it is done. Hopefully what I see in my mind will translate well to reality, but, as you all know, that remains to be seen. One just never knows!

Until next time, happy camping!



  1. Theresa, You have WON the Wee Crabbie!!! Send me your address and I will pop him in the mail to you.
    Thanks for playing and Hugs!

  2. HOORAY!!!! I have been away from the computer for a bit, but I am SOOOO happy!