Monday, November 30, 2009

Can't Wait to Post...

...his real picture. This is my latest little elf. I made him for a swap and I'm just dying to post a real picture. Alas, I need to wait another day (or two).

I think he is very sweet, which is unusual for me. Often, I am so focused on what didn't come out exactly as I wanted it to that I have a hard time getting around to loving the finished piece as a whole. I know, I know...I'm working on it!

Just a few more days...I think I can make myself wait.

He goes off to his new home tomorrow. This is one of those pieces where it will be hard to let him go. Bittersweet bubble wrapping, I guess. He just seems so cozy here next to the bottle brush Christmas tree.

Hope everyone has a productive week. I need to finish up the other Bichon and a few other critters today. Hope I can find the time to get it all done!

Until next time, happy post holiday health!



  1. New to your blog... Can't wait to see your latest creation!

  2. I know its hard to say ta ta to the ones you love the most...Glad ya got a giggle today


  3. Oh now you have me curious! Hurry!