Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Big Load 'O' Nothing

This post contains nothing. I didn't get anything new completed this week. When almost done with my latest snowman, I goofed up (majorly) and get to start again. Lucky me!

I know...I should look at this as a great opportunity to practice patience and to learn something new that might be helpful later on, but right now I am choosing to stew in my own juices for a bit. Petty? Yep. Selfish? Sure! Why? I just feel like having a little snit. I do that every so often. (No one else is here, so it mainly just impacts the cat. She seems fine with it, really. She is pretty unflappable.)

I AM, however, sending good thoughts out to everyone else. I am hopeful that mustering a little positivity will drag me out of the place of my artistic mental block. Perhaps the art gods will look upon me with favor.

Happy Sunday to all! Until next time, happy snits.



  1. I think a little time sitting in the sunlight, eyes closed, face turned upward, will bring you all the coordination between mind and hand that you need right now. You have an extraordinary amount of talent, so it's really just a matter of getting a blockage flowing again. Don't fear that the well ran dry--it's to capacity!

  2. Snits are okay every once in awhile :) I think I have more then my share. lol...
    I loved your Monster!!!!
    I'll bet your snowman turns out fantastic!


  3. It is my considered opinion that each of us has a finite amount of snits passed out to us. So were I you, I would enjoy it whilst you may. After all you may never have a good snit like this again. But then the mother ship calls to me often, especially when something I have worked on goes to snit, so were I you, I would ignore me. LOL I love an honest woman. XXOO Linda

  4. I love snits.... that should be a doll Lol!