Monday, November 16, 2009

Visual Quickie

This is my latest piece that will be available to the general public.
My daughter thinks he looks sad. You'd be sad, too, if you were a snowman seeing one of the first birds of spring.

Or maybe not. Perhaps he is just lost in thought.

I hope he finds a good home. He is really quite sweet.

I have lots of other items going right now (had to move to the kitchen so I had access to running water), but many are "secret" gifts, so I can't post them.

I have quite a few commission pieces in progress, too, but I don't like to post them as WIPs because I don't want any nervous customers. What a piece looks like in the early stages is VERY different from the finished work.

I don't want to scare anyone off!

I am amazed at how difficult it is to get things done around here. I remember when my husband and I decided that I would be staying home with the kids and he would be going back to full time work. I just KNEW I was going to have tons of time to get things done.

When I told him this, he just smiled.

I am ORGANIZED, I said. I am going to be DISCIPLINED, I said.

Well, I am both, but I still manage to struggle to get things done in a timely manner. Life gets in the way sometimes, but I suppose that detours can take us into new places that we have never gone before.

Life is good and full of rich experiences.

I'll have more that I can actually show you by mid week. I am working in wool again, in addition to the various clays, so things are quite fun around here.



  1. Theresa, just a quick note to tell you I really enjoy reading your postings, love your art and the fact that you share yourself with us as well. I am new to your followers but like what I see very much. I too find that there are more things to do than hours in the day. My grandchildren and daughter moved in with us in July and life has been expedential more complicated and blessed in that time. Too funny. I don't think your snowguy looks sad, I think he is having a complicated melt or not to melt that is the question. He is precious. Linda in New Mexico

  2. I like his face so much....It is sad but is sweet all the same.


  3. Oh, I love your Snowman too, Theresa...and think that Linda hit his personality spot on! I sympathise with your plight of feeling like things are not getting done. Here, lots of things do get done, but not always the ones on my list...sigh. I have just finished a little Snowman who would like to say hello to your thoughtful Frosty Fellow...he will be arriving on my blog soon (if I can get the post done...hahaha)! love, Rose

  4. I think he is a precious little fella!
    Hey let me tell ya,
    This time management thing is really a struggle for me. I've been working on it all my life and I still feel like i'm stuck in a mud puddle. But at least i'm having fun getting dirty :)


  5. He's adorable and will make a wonderful snowman for the lucky person... he adopts~

  6. ...well, let me see, he reminds me of Frosty the snowman played by Michael Keaton, remember that?...when he was looking in the window to see his son and wife...I think he is wishing you would get more organized and discipline and throw him a
    truly madly deeply, I think he is awesome...
    Madame Samm

  7. He is very sweet and I think has a curious look going on!

  8. This is just as sweet as can be. I love him. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting on my Rug Hooked Santa.