Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wherefore Art Thou, Light?

Why is it that, on days upon which it is imperative that I be able to take photographs, the light always s-t-i-n-k-s?

Since photography is not truly my calling, I am not that picky, but poor photographs can make any doll *sigh* with drab, under-saturated colors. Oy!

Yes, I KNOW that I can use editing software to perk things up, but I try not to do that as much as is possible. I want my work to stand on it's own, unadulterated and honest. I find that items that are too "shopped" end up being a bit weaker in the long run. People want to see a true representation of what they will be receiving.

(I will 'shop' the heck out of photos of ME of course. It's OK because my husband got to see me in person and was able to witness all the sags, bags and wonky parts in person before he made his purchase. I have no sympathy for him. Buyer's remorse, shmuyer's remorse.)

Here is what I have, bad lighting and all. I still think she is sweet.

This piece was very self indulgent for me in that I didn't have a firm plan on what I expected the outcome to be. No sketches, not too much preliminary planning. Total flow. I love moving through the process of making something new with zero judgement. Very liberating.
Here is a back/side view. Her block has text from "Let It Snow" on it. Pretty appropriate, since she is sitting in snow. Brrrr.

This is a full back view showing off her wings.

This was the first time I used Liquid Sculpey. I used it to coat her wings and then baked makes them seem more translucent and realistic, I think. I can't wait to see what other applications I can find for this interesting substance.

It is super stinky, though, so if you try it, open some windows and pray that the non-toxic label they put on it is accurate!

I love new products! So many possibilities!

Until next time, happy creative flow.


  1. So adorable. Love the lil wings...that is one thing Ive never done is clue. Yours looks so dainty.


  2. Thanks, Sonia. I have never been a big wings gal myself, but thought I'd give it a go. I felt it sort of went with the piece.

  3. WEll me thinks she is cool in a very sweet way...the lighting could be better, seems I had the same issue too myself this morning lol ...
    WE can really see beyond that and your wee SNOW Angel is just that...melts your heart really...

  4. Oh she's adorable! And the wings look great!

  5. Theresa, she is just wonderful. And in my opinion, the ligth doesn`t harm her at all. She is very lovely where she sits !

    Have a nice dag, Theresa

  6. Incredibly cute! I love her!
    If this is your creative flow, go with it all the time!! :)

  7. Hi Theresa
    love your felted doll, she is georgeous.
    Going by instinct shows your originality.
    I have use Liquid Sculpey too for wings, in fact that is what I first bought it for.
    It led me into greater things like Polymer clay where we use TSL for sticking the clay together and for a film on the clay and lots I dont know about.
    Love your site, will be back
    Happy felting

  8. Hi Theresa, Your little fairy doll is absolutely precious, I just love her sweet face!! "Joy" is very befitting because every time I look at her she makes me smile!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your sweet comment brightened my day!
    Love your blog!
    Hugs, Carol Anne

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  10. Hi Theresa made a mess up of my comment there. Thanks for coming into my blog. Nice to meet someone who knows what I mean about Xylitol, Maybe that is why I havent had any fillings in a long time.
    Posted to my blog but not sure how to let you know I have answered you.
    See you again soon

  11. Thanks for your recent "visit" to my blog.
    Your little fairy is adorable and your snowman on the following post melts my heart, he is soooo cute.

  12. omgosh!! you're little creations just make my heart sing! they're adorable! re: the liquid sculpey...i just purchased ice resin to try and you can use it on paper and it isn't supposed to be stinky! i'll post about it as soon as i try can find it at obeject & elements but it has it's own website now with instruction!! cheers!


  13. Thank you sweetie for words of encouragement.


  14. Theresa,How very sweet and adorable!!!! I have done felting before and enjoyed it,you inspire me to make one of these little guys, and the wings are very realistic too!!!