Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wooly WIPs

Here is my latest pup...a little Bichon. I like working on dogs, especially commissioned ones, because there is always a new challenge. For instance, I originally had made this little one in a very soft core fiber blend, but I just couldn't get it to look 'right'. It was a texture problem.

I ordered some Leiscester and Wendslydale locks, which, once deconstructed, worked perfectly for the Bichon's external layer. Much more realistic. I still need to clean up the loose fibers and add the long, straight hairs to the tail.

I have been getting lots of dog orders for Christmas. I still have another Bichon, a schnoodle, a pug, a daschund and some cockers to put together. Luckily, I haven't had too many 'repeat breed' orders, so each experience has something new to teach me.

Yes, I KNOW that doing the same dog over and over would make it 'easier'. But problem solving is half of the fun of creating, don't you think?

Now here is the catch...I keep hearing that I need to focus on ONE style in order to have product recognition. My response is WAHHHHHHHH!

My wool style is very different from my clay sculpting style which looks nothing like my fabric style.

And, no, I can't seem to give up the other mediums to focus on just one. Each thing I do fulfills a different craving for me.

What's a gal to do?

Well, I'm off to finish up some more holiday paperclay. Then I have out the sewing machine to make some teeny, tiny replica dolls a la Walker. I may even add clay to the cloth dolls!

Hey! If I add wool hair, all my passions can be in one place! Woot!

Until next time, happy dabbling!



  1. That's the cutest pup ever! Brilliant job! I think you should continue a variety of products because then you never burn anyone out on one thing. Some people are a one-trick pony, but you are a field of every breed. Keep it up!

  2. OMG is that adorable or what!!!! I love that sweet little dog!

  3. Your dog is soooooo cute, Theresa :))

    Happy felting!

  4. Awwww what a cutie, you are so very clever! Mandy x

  5. He gorgeous, thats the kind of dog i could handle, much less trouble than the real thing!!

  6. Wool is so great for animals!! I LOVE IT!! Sometimes we need to do what we need to do...DABBLE AWAY..perhaps DABBLE is your style!!! Happy Turkey Day!!

  7. Lovely pup - you are sooooo clever! Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  8. Ohhhh is so cute!!!!i love this doggy!!

  9. Oh! He is so very cute! Have a sweet day!

  10. Oh my, he's just darling!!! Once again you have blown me away! You do such amazing work!

  11. I agree with MarZel, dabbeling might just be your style. That is why I love to see what you will come up with next. It is awesome to have so many pending custom orders, nice little cash bump at the exact right time of the year.

    Happy Crafting !

  12. Pure cuteness!!!!! What a sweetheart!!