Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh So Cocky!

Well, I have been officially humbled. I was fairly pleased (imperfections and all) with my first attempt at polymer clay, so I figured it would be very easy to crank out the legs for my little troll-esque guy and be done with the body and start the clothing. I can't wait to dress him!

I crafted two different sets of legs and feet and popped them into the toaster oven I purchased specifically for that purpose. Of course, not knowing if I would take to this craft or not, I purchased the cheapest toaster oven I could find. When I baked with head and hands, it was fine. When I baked the feet, it was definitely NOT.

I set the oven temperature to what I thought was the same as last time. I set the timer for less time than needed, so I would be back to check on it early...just in case.

Good thing! When I went to check on things, the legs and feet were black! They looked like obsidian. Or possum poop. I guess it depends upon your background experiences. And talk about stink! Whew! Gack!

Weeeiiird! Why would it do just fine with the first batch and botch the next one? Needless to say, I will be spending some time today being VERY careful and trying it again. And possibly again, if necessary. Never let it be said that I am not tenacious. (Though I do have laundry that needs to be done. Clothing the kids should probably take precedence...)

On a more positive note, look what I found in my yard! Darling!

Maybe I should make a little toadstool umbrella for my clay guy. That might translate well.

Oh! And many, many posts ago I showed a picture of my plum tree and I have been waiting and waiting for this moment. PLUM JAM TIME!!!!! The kids (and birds) have been eating them out of hand, but there are so many that I will have plenty with which to do my jam this year. Hooray!

Until next time, try and try again.



  1. How lucky are you to have that tree!! It's laden!

  2. I know! It's the second year in a row! We were worried it might snap under it's own weight! I have to make a batch of jam this weekend....yum!

  3. My toaster oven did the same thing only to a more etreme extent! By the time I got to it the insides were flaming! So I tossed it out the back porch know the fumes were toxic for the house. Scary!