Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Icky Pix (but here is a glimpse)

I had these up and ready to go last night, but my hubby booted me off of the computer before I could post them. I guess summer vacation research takes precedence over my blog. No complaints...I love vacations!

I am only showing a few pictures of his hair and hands and such, though keep in mind that the pictures were snapped in artificial light at night in my kitchen. He still isn't quite done. (We have been busy, busy, fun busy the past few days. Beach, anyone?) His companion is not ready to shoot. I am not quite sure what is bugging me about the other component, but it would make me nuts to have to see it posted in all of it's flaming not-quite-rightness. Not that is has to be PERFECT, but a little better will do.

Keep in mind that his hands are out for a reason and he won't seem so odd.

Sadly, I probably won't get to work on anything today. I have to make plum jam or we will run out of sink space. When the plums are ready, the jam has to follow!

Here we go:

Until next time, happy times!



  1. Super duper work ! Excellent work, Theresa ! He is so wonderful! I love his tiny, tiny hair. His fingers, eyes, everything. He IS perfect !

    Plum jam, nam,nam :)

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blogg.

    Happy times to you too !

  2. I think he's fantastic, can't wait to see his companion.

  3. I think he's gorgeous!! Well done.
    I've linked to your blog today... my post is about gnomes riding snails and it just made me think of your felt creation... hope you don't mind.

  4. Still giggliing with glee because of themagiconions. Many, many thanks!

  5. Oh my he is the cutest wee thing, cannot wait to see his companion too!