Saturday, June 20, 2009

Feeling Less Than

Does anyone else out there look at the sheer amount of beautiful work that some artists can produce and feel a little envious? (I feel awful as I reread this. How petty of me!)

I have been so busy with the kids and the house stuff that I haven't had the time to do much this week. By the time everyone is in bed, I am asleep on my feet myself.

It makes me feel a little sad and sort of lacking.

Especially because I feel a mental timer tick-tick-ticking. My youngest is almost ready to go to "real" school, at which point I will most likely have to go back to work. It breaks my heart....I really would like to be home until all of my babies are up and out. (I also realize that my "full time job" that I do now will then be two full time jobs. I don't know how to balance everything. The laundry will still need to be done, etc. Hmmm.)

Plus I know that anything artistic will have to be shoved into even less time.

I would love to make enough money at the artistic things I do to be able to justify staying home. I just don't seem to be very good at the marketing piece. Perhaps I am lacking the business gene? Or, more likely, I don't have enough time to invest into marketing, as I barely have time to make the work to be sold!

People ask why I don't work on items throughout the day. The answer is that I do. I just have a hard time doing the finish work on pieces when people are talking to me or needing my attention and, let's face it, having three kids is all about people talking and needing attention.

Therefore, I have eleventy-seven half done projects all waiting to be finished.

Any thoughts from my more prolific art friends out there?

I suppose if I slept only two hours a night I would have more time to work. I might even get some cool ideas from the fun hallucinations that would be sure to follow.

I shall ponder my plight and try to work out a plan. Any suggestions would be welcomed!

Until next time, happy finish work!



  1. I hear you, sista! There is SO much creative stuff I want to do but I barely have the time to do the little things I do do! It keeps me awake at night... visions of all the things I want to make... but, what has helped me, is making myself accept that just I can't do all of that now... but one day, oh, one day, I will have all the time in the world! I can felt, sew, make... all day long. I know that when this time comes I'll do all these things and let my mind wander back to these precious days I am having now and I'll smile in wonder that I was so lucky! I look forward to those days but not as much as I know I'll miss these. Helps??

  2. I'm in a similar boat. Too many children not enough time :-( and I'm hopeless at making any money (cos I'm hopeless at asking for it!). I've decided that I do what I do cos I enjoy it, its my little treat after I've managed to tidy a room or put some laundry away. Hang in there, there's always retirement to look forward to ! lol x

  3. I feel the same way, but I only have two kiddos and a messy hubby!
    I ended up putting my store on vacation indefintely... I couldn't handle it and so I have no advice, sorry.
    But I wish you well and that you'll find the way! :)