Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jammy Jam Jam- More artsy stuff tomorrow

Here is the obligatory shot of me in a do-rag. Whenever I cook ANYTHING, I am terribly paranoid about getting hair in the food. (I do shed something awful. The paranoia is not without merit!)

The plums! The gorgeous plums! This is about one-fifth of the total amount ready to be made into jam. I love love love our plum tree! Not only do the kids have lots of fresh fruit to eat, but it helps me to make gifts for friends. (It is a lovely tree, too, so it is a great addition to the backyard.

It takes about 4 pounds of plums to make a batch. That is roughly 6.5 cups of chopped plums (skins on, please) and a ton of sugar. Definitely not a health food, but SO good!

Washing the jars prior to sterilizing them. I am a total freak about

cleanliness when it comes to canning things.

Getting some of the equipment ready for it's once a year debut. File this under "stuff my husband has to store on the already overburdened garage shelves."

Two hours later, I have the first batch of the finished product. Oh YUM! This will last about a week.

Until next time, happy toast and jam!



  1. Your jam looks scrumptious, Theresa! Our plums are still green on the tree and if we can keep the munchkins away until they are ripe, we might just have enough to try making some jam as well. Lovely post!

  2. Plum jam is REALLY easy and makes a great gift. My kids just love it. Tart and sweet!