Friday, May 29, 2009

This is Ralphie

This is Ralphie.

I found him at the Long Beach Outdoor Antiques and Collectibles Market that takes place on the 3rd Sunday of the month in Long Beach, CA.

He was haphazardly thrown on a blanket with various other gee-gaws. I almost walked on by, but then I saw HIM. I stopped dead in my tracks. I gazed into his big, perpetually surprised, eyelidless felt eyes.

I picked him up. Those hand stitched features.

The funky acrylic beard. The brown boots. Who doesn't love brown boots?

I had to have him.

Quickly feigning a detached sort of interest, I nonchalantly picked him up and asked the guy in charge of the blanket strewn area how much. I held my breath. How much would I spend? $20? $30?

"Three bucks," the man said.

Blink. Someone at some time MADE him. Three bucks???

Okey dokey!

I tried very hard not to dance for joy, as that might have tipped the gent off that I was getting (in my own mind, remember) the bargain of the century.

We completed our transaction and I lovingly placed Ralphie in the basket on my bike. I giggled half of the way home.


He now occupies a wee nook to the left of my computer monitor. A sort of constant companion in the studio, I guess one could say.

My husband thinks I am insane. But he loves me enough to share his space with my odd finds and my boxes 'o' junk that I use in my work, which means that he must truly, truly love me as well. It balances out, don't you think?

Until next time, happy bargain hunting!



  1. Lovely! Made me smile the whole way through! My husband thinks I'm insane too... perhaps I am! But at least there are enough of us 'insaneys' out there, those of us who would NOT buy a fashion mag for $5 but would spend $30 on a forgotten little gnome... What a find... he was meant for you!

  2. Isn't it funny how you fall in love at first sight with something odd like that? I felt that very way about 3 yards of aqua plaid madras, which I cannot bear to cut by the way. He must be so happy to be with someone who loves him and not one some hot little yard sale table ;)

  3. Hei:) Thanks for your nice comments in my blog. It is always a joy to visit you blog and read and see what you are up to. It is so wonderful to see that some of us can fall in love with a funny gnome. And you are absolutely right, "Someone at some time MADE him" !