Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Mushrooms

Here is a picture of the latest pixie/mushroom combination. A lovely friend requested it to use as a wedding gift.

Why is it always more difficult to do a commissioned piece than a regular one? I guess it is because what the person ordering it is seeing in their mind's eye may or may not be in alignment with what the artist, in this case me, visualizes.

At any rate, she is happy, which makes me VERY happy.

I think it is sort of cheerful and outdoorsy.

Speaking of out of doors, today was a miracle. As I walked to pick up my youngest from preschool, I smelled something amazing in the air. Was it someone doing their laundry? A new perfume?


It was Spring. The smell was a combination of the spicy cleanliness of a eucalyptus and the sultry musk of jasmine. Intoxicating! I actually had to pause and just breathe for a few beats. What a wonderful gift to have received today!

Hope everyone is doing well.

Until next time, happy crafting!



  1. I smelled it tooo!! Hey just getting back to you about Patchwork, it's in Santa Ana
    here's their blog with all the details - it would be so fun to meet you, please do come say Hi if you make over on Sunday!

  2. Hei ! Your mushroom comb is a super wedding gift. Have a nice Spring-Sniff-time, Theresa

  3. I just love the things you make, the mushroom is adorable x

  4. I LOVE it... your eyes are amazing! And the dreads are too cool. Lovely work!