Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Squints The Angry One Inch Bear

You'll have to pardon Squints. He is a little bit angry and a lot bit jaded. You would be, too, if your creator thought it funny to give you only one eye.

It's bad enough to be super tiny, but to be tiny and have one of your better features removed? Unforgivable.

He was supposed to be a two eyed "cute" little bear, but I liked the grumpy countenance so much that I just had to leave it be.

Given the look on his face, I don't think I will be forgiven any time soon. He is looking to move in with that Blythe hottie. She will understand his sensitive side and give him a cuddle or two regardless of his physical appearance.

Squints is one inch when seated, a scant 1.5 inches when standing. He is thread jointed and can move all of his limbs and his head. Head movement makes it easier to scowl at everyone.

Until next time, happy creating!



  1. He is adorable lol - what a beautiful little creation! Cheers Val

  2. He's absolutly wonderful! I love that he's a bit grumpy!!