Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is how I roll.....

Here we go! The weather is great, the time is here and I have a little more breathing space in my schedule.

My youngest and I have a lot of fun tooling around town with this get-up. He is almost ready for his own bike and, if I may be totally honest, there are some windy days when the trailer acts like a kite and the resistance makes it not so fun for old mom, but it is fun for now.

I am going to break into some polymer clay tonight. Will I like it? Or will I end up frustrated and full of ennui? Only time will tell.

Enjoy today!



  1. Theresa I love the bike! Great fun for the two of you. I would probably ride straight to Starbucks and make up for the exercise with a frapachino. lol Hey you used my favorite word!!! "ennui" The first time I saw it I ran to mu dictionary to get the definition. It was not in my dictionary. :( I always see it in books but never hear it used. It took me years to figure it out. lol

  2. Yeah, the coffee house DOES occasionally pose a calorie problem. Some days, I just can't help myself. And Tom isn't much of a help, either. He is always up for a chocolate milk and recognizes the Starbucks sign...It isn't hard to sway me into stopping!