Saturday, May 23, 2009

Polymer Clay? Nope! Cake.

OK, I thought I would be working with my clay by now. This is the ONLY craft that I haven't been able to jump right into! Weird! I don't usually balk at new-to-me products.

I ended up making a graduation cake instead. It isn't a stellar example of what I can do, but since I only had a few hours to throw it together, it is just "OK".

My tiles look dingy in the picture, too, which means I will have another job on my plate next week. Grout time!

As I made this cake, I came up with a million dollar idea. Feel free to take it and become rich, if you wish. I am far too lazy, but will surely grouse about how I came up with the idea when I see your new yacht and polo pony.

If one could come up with an inexpensive way to make cake "decorations" that didn't look possessed by Satan, one could surely make some money. Every little gee-gaw I saw at the cake supply shop was wall-eyed, cross-eyed, poorly painted, or missing paint. One of the poor graduation girls had no hair in the front. She looked like some kind of cult member. Another graduate had a green dot on the nose. Honestly, who in their right mind would buy a figurine with an obvious disfigurement...on the FACE, no less. (Unless, of course, you happen to have a big green blotch on your nose, in which case I owe you an apology. Sorry!)

Not to mention that one doesn't know what kind of paint was used. Mmmm. Lead-y. Makes the frosting stick to your ribs.

This was the best one in the bunch and it took me fifteen minutes to find him. Note the uncolored hair resting on his forehead. Could be a tumor or some sort of wicked wrinkle. Perhaps Botox would be of help?

At any rate, it should be tasty, and that is the real purpose of cake, right? And my nephew will know that I cared enough to attempt to make something for him rather than buying it. (When he sees it, however, Costco might seem like a glowing beacon of "fabulous-ness" in comparison.)

I had to add the guitar. My nephew is obsessed and is getting really good. It is so exciting to watch, as he has found his passion. Wonderful!

Until next time, happy crafting and happy lead-free cake baking.



  1. I understand about the decorations. Thats funny that he has a possible tumor!
    But you did a good job on the cake :)

  2. I think your tiles look fine and give full permission to get on with something else x