Saturday, September 19, 2009

Who Loves His Bunny? WIP

Is he going to hug the bunny or eat it? Both, perhaps?

Until next time, happy silliness!



  1. hi...the fair was great! they had some very tempting felt items. i saw a jack o'lantern that was awesome! columbus is one of those towns that is highly overlooked. they have a main avenue that stretches for miles and it is one little neighborhood after another of unique shops and cafes and restaurants. it has a really nice german section and of course, the university of ohio. it is an easy town to get around in and very affordable. i have been there only a hand full of times but i always wonder why i don't go more often!

  2. HI Theresa, just found your blog through a swap wildheartarts blog. Love your art work.. this sweet bunny and red devil are quite an interesting pair!
    have a great day!

  3. Great piece! I am amazing when people can make cool things by needle felting. Looks so hard to me!

  4. Is he not the cutest thing?!! Hugggin' his bunny....adorable! Love your work! Just fantastic!