Saturday, September 12, 2009

DON'T sell? Huh?

My husband, who usually doesn't care WHAT I do with the things I make, has requested that I not sell this item. Once I recovered from my shock, I agreed.

A mild bit of a bummer, though, since I am pretty sure it would have been a fairly quick sell.
I guess it would be nice not to sell everything, since I am sure my great-great-great grandchildren would like to know what a weird-o I am.

They will probably pass this around at birthdays and Christmas and such as a 'gag' gift. As in, "I have the bird-riding Santa and I am going to pass it off to Joe for his 40th. I think he totally forgot about it."

At least I'll be remembered, right?

Thanks for popping by! Until next time, happy bird riding Santas and other weird stuff.



  1. I can understand why... he's enchanting!
    LOL at the 'gag gift' imagery. We have a few family heirlooms like that and we pretend we don't want them when actually we are tickled pink to finally get them. Then it's even more fun choosing who to pass them along to. Your family sounds like mine.
    Blessings and magic.

  2. I can understand why he wouldn't want you to sell this piece ~It's fantastic! Something to keep in the family!

    Thank you also on all your comments about my witch's ...

    I love this Santa!

  3. Lovely Piece! I can see whay your hubby wants to keep it! It's always nice when the husbands take notice!

  4. what a wonderful piece. see the husbands do pay attention sometimes. lol

  5. oh yes, you can't sell that one.. it's santa riding a dove! it should be the centre piece of all your holiday dinners! ;)

  6. i can see why! what a compliment that he doesn't want you to sell it, sweet! i looove bunn foo foo to. lovely pieces, sighs

  7. Definitely a keeper. I am guilty of getting rid of all my things, too. It's bittersweet when something sells, so you are wise to hang onto this guy.

  8. Oh Theresa, I agree with Carol, this is definately a keeper - it is fantastic!!!!
    Barb in Texas

  9. I love this Santa. I have done a few mache guys that my hubby has insisted we keep :-) It's great to get the support so close to home!

  10. I have always liked this piece, I think you will be happy to see it 50 years from now come out and grace you kin's home. That is if you can still see in 50 years :P

  11. I am still laughing, Cytel! You have a definite point!