Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do I Dare???

I have been invited by my local arts and crafts guild to participate in a small local craft show in May.

Do I go for it? I am a bit stunned, really.

How much "stock" do I need to bring? Is it poor form to bring needle felting, jewelry AND paper clay? They don't seem to care, but I wonder if it is all too much.

I will need an "easy up" type structure and some tables, I guess. And signage. Business cards?

I don't have what I need in order to take credit does one set that up, anyway?


Any advice from the more experienced artists would be so SO so appreciated.


Until next time, happy panicking!



  1. So exciting!!! You have time... lots of time to get everything in order... dare! Go for it... Say 'YES!' Do it.

  2. Ditto....go for it. There is always a first time for everything and what you get wrong or forget this time will help you be better prepared for next time. Do it as an experiment!

  3. Go for it! I've never done a craft show myself, so I'll have to live vicariously through you.

  4. Hahaha! If I do it, you have to try one, too. If I decide to go through with it, I'll be sure to post all the "Wow, I wish someone had told me ________".

  5. Congrats!
    Def some sort of tent to protect your precious wares. I learned the hard way about this one!! It was not fun, and I wrote a blog post about it this past spring. :)
    I think bringing diff types of products is fine, and you may end up selling more of one than the other. Have a simple display for them that's easy to show off your stuff.
    And yes, business cards are also a must! Offer one to each shopper, whether they buy or not. I've had sales long after a show from passing out a card. And I think some sort of card with your name and a short bio and a bit about your work is a good thing to give to your buyers.
    One thing I do to help develop a "following" and mailing list--I often have a guest book for people to sign and leave me their mailing address and email address. I promise them not to share it or to bombard them with tons of spam. One lady I know also uses a giveaway as an incentive to have people sign her register.
    I would bring along some felting projects as a demo so people can see how you go about creating your wonderful little characters. It also draws attention to your booth.
    Chairs, a cooler for water and snacks, a pal to help with sales and to keep you company, gift bags and tissue for purchases (you might want to consider applying your logo onto the gift bag. That equals free advertising to other shoppers at the event!)

    Above all, have fun!!

  6. Here's the link: