Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sixteen Things About Me

This was a "challenge" submitted to me via Flickr by a very talented artist named Cytel. She does amazing things with felt, but is multifaceted and can do many different kinds of things very well. Check out her blog at Wandering the Oak Forest sometime to learn more about her. Or pop in to her etsy shop at to see what she has for sale.

Sixteen things about me:

1. Mean people make me sad. Mostly for them, but sad just the same.

2. I crave solitude, but rarely find it. Quiet is my friend.

3. I love cereal. Hot/cold/you name it. When the kids move out,I will live on cereal, canned soups, salad, and fruit. Oh, and coffee...lots of it.

4. I adore the smell of oranges and will spend more to buy cleaning products that smell good and are "natural". Yep, I'm a sucker!

5. Bath over shower. Nuff said.

6. I love to make fancy desserts, but rarely have a reason to do so. (I don't
always want to EAT them, though. Smelling them is usually enough.)

7. I would love love love to make things full time and make a decent living at it.

8. I can't grow fingernails. They just want to be stubbies, I guess.

9. I love to read and will read just about anything.

10. The smell of mint gum in a patent leather purse reminds me of my great-
grandmother and always makes me smile. And cry.

11. Windy days make me want to run wild. Can't help but grin in the wind.

12. I have 4 boxes of clothes that I have stored with the sole purpose of using the
fabric to "make things". I will not allow myself to buy any new fabric until I
make a dent in it. I really mean it this time.

13. I wish I could breathe under water.

14. I love dainty, little things and am enamored with kitschy 1930-1960's figurines.

15. I just bought a yudu. I think I am going to try it out this Saturday!

16. I am probably happier now than I have ever been at any other time in my life.

What are YOUR sixteen?

Thanks for stopping in! Happy crafting!


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