Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day, Biology and Why Play Dates Rock

Happy Earth Day to all. I am still trying to figure out what that specifically means to me and my family. When I get it all figured out, I'll get back to you...

In honor of the Earth, here are some shots of the flowers that keep coming back from year to year. I guess they reseed themselves, as we only planted them once!

On another note, isn't this interesting? Here are shots of all three of my children's eyes. (That is one eye from each of my three children, not three eyes on on each child.)

They are nothing alike..neither in shape nor in color.

I guess one never knows what one is going to get. I was SO certain that my green eyed child was going to be dark in both hair and eye color and he is the exact opposite!

Last thought for today: Why have I been so resistant to spur of the moment play dates? We don't have a lot of kids in our neighborhood, so having friends over has always involved me cleaning up the house and a bunch of other jumping through hoops, most of which I created for myself. Today, I had a call from one of my youngest child's buddy's mother asking for a bit of help. Rather than fret about the house, food, and (fill in your own blank here), I just said "yes". I mean really....she is a mom, so she has to understand the mild mess that spontaneously happens when kids pass through a room, right? (I no longer clean the house until the end of the day. Otherwise, I find myself cleaning up the same messes over and over. NOT a great way to spend my time!) And kids don't notice if you have dusted or not, am I right?

Totally liberating! My youngest had a blast and I had MASSIVE amounts of time to get things done! You see, I had forgotten that if my child has a buddy, I am free to do chores while I am supervising! He isn't a baby anymore, so nobody is putting blocks in their mouths or up their noses. They aren't eating the cat food. They are playing. Really playing. Legos, superheroes, spies. Bliss! I got so much done! It was a lovely day all around.

Thanks for popping by! Hope it wasn't too random today.



  1. Theresa the eye pictures are neat! Did you take them? Where you wearing a red shirt? It looks like you can see a person in a red shirt in the top eye. :)

  2. Yep! You got me! My daughter was cracking up when she saw the picture!

  3. I have a few friends who I am completely comfortable with witnessing my not so mild mess, but everyone else I feel the need to do the whole house for. Good for you for letting go! It is great when they are happily occupied and we can relax or get things done! Cool pix. I always say that having kids is like rolling never know what will come up.