Monday, April 6, 2009

New Softies, Realizations and A-ha-s!

I FINALLY posted two new softies on my etsy site.

The pink one, Mort, found a home right away.

Twilla, however, is still searching. (I think people may be afraid. She doesn't look like the sharpest crayon in the box, but she is very sweet.)

I have my tiny woolen twins, who will be finished tonight and a fun little Red Riding Hood. Hopefully they will make their debut tomorrow. I am planning to do a bit of hand sewing between kids' events; play rehearsal and Boy Scouts. Wish me luck!

To go completely off tangent, I had a realization today. What I mentally tell myself colors my life in so many ways.

Let me give an example; I had a hard time falling asleep last night, so when ye olde alarm went off at 5:13 this morning, my first thought was,"I am going to be so tired today."

Scrreeeech! Hold on just a minute! Sure as shootin' I am going to be tired if I go around saying,"I am going to be tired. I am tired" all day long. So, just to prove a point, I heard that stinky inner dialogue, decided to let that whole line of thought go, and replaced it with,"It is SUCH a lovely day." Needless to say, it has been just peachy. It really is lovely. :)

I think we all suffer from negative inner dialogue in some way or another, but usually don't pay attention to what it does to us. When I wake up and say, "I am getting fat. I have too many wrinkles. I am not as good as ___", I am impacting my life! And that, in turn, impacts the lives of my kids and all the people around me. Getting trapped in a negativity cycle makes it difficult to enjoy life, that's for sure.

So, I am on to a new positivity. When I catch myself being overly critical, covetous, or just downright grumpy, I am going to acknowledge what is going on and let it go. (In theory, anyway. Hmmm. Are my blog entries starting to sound like a self help book? Yikes!)

When I compare my work to the work of others and start to mentally feel a sense of competition, I will stop. And be grateful. And breathe.

The boys are teasing each other. Gotta run. Did I mention how I was letting go of negativity? LOL

Thanks for stopping in! Happy everything!


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