Monday, April 20, 2009

New Softies, Commissions, and Dentistry

It has been a super busy couple of weeks.

Here are the new softies I posted to my etsy site this morning.

The faux fur on the monkey was brutal with which to work! It reminded me a lot of working with mohair, since I had to use a blade to cut the backing without cutting the fur. It also was slippery as all get out. AND it didn't want to go through the machine, even with the walking foot on it! I did a LOT of the monkey by hand. She came out sweetly, though, in my opinion!

The bulldog was a bit easier. He has such a funny face!

And here are the twins, back for more.

To all of my friends who have been wondering, my youngest came through his dental procedure with flying colors, thank God. He was fine. I was the one who was nervous! Now he is showing off his "pirate" tooth to everyone. Ah, the joy of youth. He can find fun in just about anything. It just goes to show that attitude is everything.

I still don't understand how his teeth can be so different from the other two. Neither of his siblings has ever had any issues with their teeth. No cavities ever. Weird.

I have quite a few commissions coming up this month and two contest entries to finish up, so I hope to be posting some new eye candy on this blog very soon. Hope all is well!
Happy Spring! Happy crafting!
Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Thanks! Last night I was needle felting....I like to mix things up a bit. Needle, sew, needle, sew.

  2. oh, so cute, great job, didn't know difficulty working with faux fur, I'll remember that. Thanks!

  3. Some faux fur is easier than others. This kind had really temperamental fuzz to it and if I had cut it with regular scissors, it would have looked awful in the end product. The seams would have been shorter than the rest.

    The best way I have found is to use a sharp blade and cut gently from the back.