Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here is a little clue...When working on a new project that one isn't familiar with, it is a good idea to have the kids be at school or a friend's house. I was working with some new materials when making my pendants and had lots of kids (OK, it was just my three, but it SEEMS like a lot when they are all atwitter and flying around our teensy tiny house) stopping me, stopping me, stopping me. Eating. Stopping me.
The result? I forgot an important step: putting the micro glaze on my images prior to mounting them on the glass. Smear city. Ink leakage. Time suck. Materials wastage. Disaster.

As luck would have it, I had my meditation class last night, so I think I may go and breathe.

If they find me dead of hyperventilation, you can all have my various stashes to divide amongst yourselves. That way, I know everything will be used.
Until next time, if there is one, happy crafting!
PS You know I am just kiddding. There are too many fun things to make to let myself die from hyperventilating. Death by chocolate is more my style.


  1. Between the 4 kids I have for the next few weeks and the three dogs I hear what you are saying! Last night I almost sat on a felting needle. When I am alone felting needles never end up any where that is not made for them. Last night it came close to ending up, well I almost sat on it.
    I may need to try some meditation soon.

  2. Ohh! That would have been bad city. It hurts enough when you get your FINGER with a needle, let alone something else! Shudder!