Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lumps and Bumps and Pink Eye, Oh My!

This is where I mentally spent a LOT of time today. Let me explain....

It has definitely been that kind of day. I knew I had an appointment at an imaging center, so I tried really hard to get all of my ducks in a row last night.

Then morning dawned, full of possibilities and grandeur. I gently swept into the kids' rooms to wake them and... my daughter's lump in her neck (swollen lymph nodes) was a LOT worse today and my son woke up with...wait for it....PINK EYE! Where did THAT come from? The shopping cart? Yikes!

I had an MRI scheduled for today to take a look at another lump in my jaw area and to check my sinuses. Apparently I have had chronic sinus infections for years that have mimicked tooth pain, so I never realized what was truly going on. The teeth are fine, the sinus isn't. The doctor also shared that I must have a high tolerance for pain. Yep, that one is true. Always have, hopefully always will. The downside of that is that I often let things go longer than another person might.

Surprisingly, the MRI was actually pleasant. Having done this once before, I knew to bring earplugs to tamp down the noise pollution. I also realized from my "experience" last time to keep my eyes closed. Eye opening is an invitation to Panic City, which is not a great place to visit and don't get me started about LIVING there.

With eyes closed and ears plugged, it is easy to imagine being somewhere lovely. I was in a forest, I meditated, I prayed, I planned some dolls...Pretty productive, really. I should probably look into going about once a week. I would get more done!

The repetitive "clunkclunkclunk" sound was conducive to mind wanderings, too. A bit like being in the womb, I'd bet. I drifted off at one point. It is SAD when a trip to the hospital is like a spa day! Woof!

After about an hour, I was free to toddle home and get the kids from the grandparents. Aren't grandparents wonderful? Who else can one call at 6:00 AM and say, "By the way, I need you to watch two kids; one is lumpy and one has goo running out of him. Sound good?" and have them not run away screaming? Thank God for grandparents.

Two more doctor trips later and I am ready for a stiff cup'o'joe and to tune up the sewing machine. I'll try and post the new dolls later in the week.

Thanks for popping by! Happy health!


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