Monday, March 2, 2009

Never Stop Moving

OK, I saw the COOLEST thing ever yesterday afternoon. My husband, kids and I were riding our bikes over to the park to get some yah-yahs out when I saw some women playing soccer. Not your stereotypical youngsters, but gals older than me. (I know, it is hard to believe.) In all shapes, sizes, colors and levels of fitness. It was awesome! They were totally into what they were doing. Some of them were really talented, some were not so talented, but everyone was enjoying themselves and just going for it.

I think I have gotten into a rut about exercise. I always err on the side of treadmill or skating. I don't mind these two things, mind you, but there isn't always a lot of joy in them. Perhaps that is my own fault....

At any rate, I think I need to inject a little more joy into my physical activity. I don't know exactly what that will look like, but I'll keep you posted.

Last night, I moved away from my felt Brownies and decided to make a rat. He is very rattish...long scraggly tail, beady eyes, the works! I used wool felt for the ears and paws. Just because I need to try new things once in awhile. I'll try to post a photo here later tonight.

Very happy here. Hope you are happy, too.
Until next time!



  1. Im looking forward to seeing your rat. I loved your mohair mouse..

    As for excerise.. gahh I've always been anti excercise, but as I get older my body is spreading out in all directions. Oh joy! I have found walking to be a really great thing. I have to walk the dog, therefore I too must walk. I was riding my bike while running him, but I realised Im mostly coasting and the poor dog is running his butt off. I made my dog a backpack, he holds all the goodies I find on my walks. you know acorn caps, sticks, driftwood, grapefruits :) He is getting his walks, i have lost 10lbs. woohoo.. 10 more and about 1000 situps I'll be ready to sport a bikini this summer... the top half of the bikini anyhow.

    Im looking forward to seeing your latest and greatest creation.

  2. You crack me up! And you sound SO much like me. I have boxes and bags and jelly jars full of stuff. LOTS of acorn caps. Love them. My poor husband just shakes his head, but he can't really say anything because my "stuff" comes in handy more often than not. You never know from where inspiration is going to come!

    The only time I can really seem lose weight is if I cut out all refined carbs. I can do it, but lately fresh baked bread (and banana bread) have just smelled too tasty. Sigh.

  3. Thats what we did, no more white anything.. no white bread, or enriched flour products no white sugar. No white rice, very few potatoes. All whole wheat or whole grains, brown rice ect. But just like you I am just a softie for yummy fresh bread. Also Pasta, damn the pasta.

  4. Mmmmm.....pasta. Pasta with garlic bread....