Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why I Shouldn't Be Left Alone- Part 1

OK, I had a little money in my PayPal account and these tools have been calling to me for months.
"Buy us, Theresa. Buy us, and you will be so happy."

Normally I would say that things don't bring happiness. But the tools were RIGHT!

I AM so happy.

These are called Colour Shapers and they were originally meant to be a texturizing tool for paint. One could use them to sort of push the paint into different areas. Very cool.

I bought them, however, because they looked as though they would be easy to move across polymer clay.

I wanted something that could smooth as it goes. I also wanted something that could easily push, pull and move the clay.

BINGO! These are great.

I bought a whole set of #2 in firm.
I was worried that "firm" would be too stiff, but it is perfect. I think "soft" wouldn't be as useful.

If you can only buy one of the set, I would suggest the taper point, as it seems to be the most multi-purpose of the bunch.

Dick Blick had a really good price. Compare there before buying from another artist site.
This is one of the "THINGS" that I made.

He is baking in this picture.

You know it's bad when my husband comes in and asks me, "What IS that"?
and I reply, "Gee, I have no idea. It just sort of came out."

Husband shakes head and walks away.

Yep, that about sums it up.

Now the question is, what DO I do with him?

Until next time, happy new tool trying!



  1. Thanks for sharing your tool tips that's really sweet of you! That little fellow whatever he may be is enchanting. He looks like he could live in a magic forest and have an acorn as a friend. Did I go too far with that? Sorry lack of sleep does strange things.:)

  2. I own those, bought mine at Jerry's. LOVE them best tools ever...My Hubby shakes his head at me all the time lol..



    and those tools look fun to play with :)


  4. What do you do with him??? Are you kidding??? You send him to me!!!! LOL!!!

    I love those tools I have a whole bunch of them... but mostly almost always just use the taper one..

    You little guy is adorable!

  5. Ooo I love art tools! Thanks for sharing. And he does look like some sort of forest imp...too cute!

  6. I love getting new tools, and I love your little guy...he looks cute and evil all at the same time.

  7. Ooo, cool little creature and cool tools. I will have to look into them:)

  8. He is so cool! I must get those tools they sound great, Have a sweet day!

  9. I think I need some of those tools! Got a kick out of your hubby asking what your little friend was! I was baking some sculped pieces one day, and it must have smelled good to my husband (yuk) and he asked what was for dinner.. I told him to open the oven and look! He did and then said, "Of course.. what was I thinking?" I think we mus totally enrich their lives with our crazy creativeness!
    have a sweet week!

  10. Oh My...thank you so much for the tool review!! You never know about tools and it is great when someone has tried them and tells you about them... Your little Fugde Gnome turned out Great!!

  11. Fudge gnome! MarZel...Now I'm hungry! Too funny!

  12. Great tools! I'm going to look into getting some myself!

  13. Hubby is always shaking his head at what I create.

    He is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Those do look like great tools! And I totally understand the husband thing...the other day I showed mine a doll I had constructed with paper parts and a bit of clay and grungeboard and the first words out of his mouth were, "Yup. That's creepy." LOL!

  15. Theresa, I love your little imp! He'd be very happy in my art room!