Friday, January 8, 2010


And, of course, I didn't have my camera handy.

I am talking about the other night at my son's swim lesson.
The sky was the weirdest and most beautiful color I have ever seen.
It was bright, bright violet and navy and deep purple. AMAZING!

These pictures are from this morning's sunrise.
It was quite pretty as well.

As you can see, the moon was still out saying, "Hello" this morning.
Isn't the sky color interesting?

In fact, this whole week has been filled with amazing sunrises and sunsets.
Has it been extra spectacular lately or am I just outside and paying attention more often as of late?
I definitely feel that God is trying to get my attention.
I am now addicted to watching the sun rise and set.

Such a peaceful and meditative way to start and end the day.

Thanks for listening to me wax poetic about something basic.

Tomorrow I'll show you my newest elf. (I scrapped two yesterday in a snit. I sculpted for hours and the end results were not at all what I had visualized. They had to die. It was their clay-ish fate.)

Until next time, happy sky watching!



  1. Beautiful! I can imagine you'll get up early just to watch the sun.
    Looking forward to see your new elf! As for the other two... sometimes you have to start all over again to get exactly what you (didn't) expect! ;)

  2. oh yes! I have definitely smushed and smashed some clay pieces that were not doing what I wanted them to do! Kind of makes me think of Mister Bill on sat night live.
    lol! Beautiful pictures by the way!

  3. Ooh lovely sky! you can't beat a good sunset/rise. Happy new year to you - hope it's a good one! :O)

  4. Hello, Theresa ! Yes, it is really lovely and purple and violet is my favourite colours. I think when you once discover a nice sky,(not a nice guy) lol you`ll instinctively look for more... It is great ! Sunset and sunrise are moments for thoughts and meditations !

    Have a nice weekend, and I`m looking forward to see you new elf !

  5. Theresa isn't it funny that when a painter paints the sky this color some snicker and say how tachy? Yet who'da thunk it actually does come in pinky/violet??? ....They are gorgeous pictures!!!Have a fabulous day!!!

  6. You may have missed a pic, but the ones you got later are fantastic!! In fact, you are the second blog where i have encountered pictures and comments on the sky interesting. I wonder what is brewing???

  7. MarZel,
    I don't know what's brewing, but it sure feels like it is going to be magical when it comes to fruition!