Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Was Blind..

...and now I am a little blinder!

These are some of the eyes that I make for my teeny-tiny creations.

Since I am no longer a spring chicken, it isn't always easy to see what I am doing!

And while I am not a perfectionist in everything that I do, eyes are pretty darned important to a piece, don't you?

Unfortunately, this pair is less than perfect.

Being able to see what you are doing is not overrated!

Luckily, Santa whispered in my parents' ears that I could really, really, REALLY use an Ott light.

Especially an Ott light with a magnifying glass attached.

Looking at the first photo, I probably should have asked for some hand lotion as well, but that's a post for another day.

These eyes, as not-really-perfect as they are, may still be usable. We shall see.

They will need to go to a character with a heavy lid.

Or maybe someone who is a little goofy.

Crossed eyes have their own appeal, no?

Perhaps next time I'll post some eyes that I made when I could actually SEE what I was doing, instead of those made using intuition and luck.

Or maybe I'll post whatever ends up with these eyes...

Until next time, happy envisioning!



  1. I can "see" what you mean. Hee hee. Can't wait to see where they end up. Reminds me of the cashier at the local restaurant--can't tell which eye to look at--they both look in different directions.

  2. I get ya! tiny stuff is tough on the ole eyes! I never thought of making my tiny eyes.. I have a place on line that I order teeny tiny glass eye from. theyre on wires and I love them! You can get them as small as 2 mm. I usually buy 2mm and 4mm sizes. and they come in the most wonderful colors! let me know if you want the link... save your eyes sister!

  3. Hello ! Thanks for nice comment on my blog, Theresa. I got an Ott light with a magnifying glass attached and it is marvelous wonderful !

    Good luck and have a nice day!

    I`ll have to put some more firewood into the fire. It`s cold outside.

  4. You know those tiny eyes are amazing! It's really hard to do I've tried. Can't wait to see what those tiny eyes will be attached to.:)

  5. I think those are amazing eyes... I love mismatched eyes so you can send them to me when they are less than perfect LOL

    What did you make them out of? Glass? They are really cool!!!

  6. The eyes are polymer and heat set paints. You also can do the whites in polymer and make a tiny cane for the iris and pupil. Sometimes I just make the whites and paint them with acrylics. Even the acrylic painted ones don't seem to have any problem when they get fired again while in the dolls. I used to buy the glass ones (and sometimes still do) but I like the control that comes with making my own.

  7. OMG I would hve been blind also...oi..hose are tiny..you go girl...


  8. Oh I am right there with you, my eyes are terrible, if it would work, i'd pluck them out and put a new pair in!
    What a cute post and those are itty bitty eyes!