Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not quite done...

Tomorrow...That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

It has been quite the week. Storms, flooding, volunteering in the kids' school, a funeral. Woof!

I have been working on a mini ADO project, in conjuction with my other items, and just haven't had time this week to finish up. Grumble, snort, spit.

The sculpts were easy this time. One piece was scrapped and redone but the other one worked out well first time around.

Today I hope to finish dressing them. (It isn't always easy to dress a three inch tall doll. Tiny, tiny britches, those!) We shall see if the new round of storms eats up all my time again or not.

Hopefully I can post SOMETHING new to view tomorrow.

If not, you'll know I floated away.

Just kidding. If not, you'll know that everything took twice as long as it should have (seriously...these storms are making things really dicey right now) and life just got in the way. Again.

Until next time, happy rainy days!



  1. Stay warm and dry Theresa. Still pouring here this morning.
    Thunder and lightening last night.
    Thinking of you and hoping you don't float away, or me either. ;-D

  2. Wow I'm sorry for your week...

  3. Too true, Shayne! Thanks for the kind words, Marie and Pattee. :)

  4. STJ was here! We finally made it to check out your linking badge this month. Door Prize Winners announced on blog soon (from the 13th update). Hope you win!

  5. How are you doing???
    Thank you for the anniversary wishes Theresa!
    Have a magical day.